How I’m Trying To Find A Balance

Feb 7, 2018

easy vacation style

Top: J.Crew – also available here! Top runs TTS but I ordered up (wearing a 4 here!) for a more relaxed fit!Shorts: A Golde – the only mom jean shorts I have ever liked! They run big so I would order down a size!Hat: Brixton – so versatile and perfect for all summer!Sandals: Everlane – said it before but my go to sandal for summer, order up a 1/2 size!


Morning y’all!

We made it to Wednesday and in just two more sleeps we will be off to Louisville for one of our favorite weekends. If you missed Monday’s post, you can catch up on all the details here. As for today, I’m excited to talk about some big steps we’ve taken over here in our household and see how you guys have been doing with the same struggle. 

After having Zain, I struggled to take time for myself. I’m sure that is the constant struggle for any parent. When my mom would visit or Trevor would be off they would always offer for me to get out and do something for myself. While I occasionally did (girl’s dinners keep me sane) I always struggled with it. Part of me didn’t want to leave, felt guilty or wanted to enjoy the time with Trevor home as a family. 


Favorite Gingham Pieces:


Lately, Zain has become mobile and a ton more interactive. I try to get him out to activities multiple times a week because I’m sure he is over just being with me. Even with story time, music class, etc I still feel a little guilty he’s not getting that play time with other kids. Last week we decided to really look into club’s. By club I mean the places in Chicago that offer a gym, childcare, spaces to work, food—everything. 

I really wanted somewhere I could feel safe leaving Zain and get some work done, squeeze in a workout and even grab a bite to eat! After a lot of research and discussion, we’ve joined Lakeshore Fitness. I have heard nothing but amazing things from Kelly and Mitch (Emma loves the daycare there and I can’t tell you how much more comfortable that makes me!) and I am so excited to have a nice little escape. I can drop Zain off there, get work done alone and even get back to working out (gasp!


Favorite Jean Shorts:


We went for the first time last Friday to look around and get a feel for everything and this week will be the first time I try to leave him on his own. I have mixed feelings (excitement and nervousness) and I’m going to still be in the building, haha. Am I going to follow this kid to college?! Maybe. 

Anyhow, it’s just a great reminder to put yourself first sometimes. It’s better for everyone! How do you guys handle it all? 

Also, on a purely fashion note—this top is a must have for spring and summer. It’s light, flattering and the sleeves are adorable. I sized up to a 4 so it wasn’t too fitted and am already waiting to wear it again. 

Enjoy this hump day guys!


mom jean shorts

everlane H sandals

j crew gingham shirt

easy vacation style

womens summer hat

classic vacation style

womens summer hat

cute vacation style


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  1. This is such a cute outfit and it has me longing for warm weather (even more than I already was)! It’s so great you found a gym with good childcare. I’d love that as an option, but we belong to a gym at my husband’s work (can’t beat the low price of $10/month for both of us!) and there’s no childcare. I’ve been trying to go to yoga at least once each week in the evening though. Something is better than nothing!

    • shaheen khan says:

      Aww thanks Britney! Oh that is such a great you really can’t pass that up! Yea, getting out even once a week has made such a difference. Hope you are enjoying motherhood!