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Apr 15, 2014

happy spring y’all!

with warmer weather on the horizon (despite the consistent rain clouds & SNOW this morning?!?) everyone will finally be able to get outside and burn off some steam!

i’ve tried to stay consistent with my workouts through the winter & switching gym’s definitely helped! i’ve found workout buddies that hold me accountable and make going to classes fun.

besides that, i really have found that dressing the part makes me more excited to be in the gym or outside running! however, while searching for new duds i couldn’t believe how expensive everything was! it’s a balance deciding what to splurge and not splurge on just like anything else and i tried to pick some of my favorite uber affordable picks to link!

i’ll be honest i’ve splurged on a few lululemon pieces myself…luckily, my mother-in-law and mom have given me gift cards to use so i don’t feel as guilty. my only advice for this is to keep an eye out for sales! online is tougher but if you have a store near you stop in periodically and browse the sale rack because you will get lucky. also, i’ve found their crop pants & jackets to be my favorite! at least with those i’ll throw them on to run errands or to grab lunch with friends so i feel like they are getting more use than just inside the gym.

hope you like some of my picks & let me know what your favorite bargain gym wear is!





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