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Sep 1, 2017

chicago mom blogger

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You may have seen on Instagram that Trevor, Zain and I attended the Chicago Baby Show this past weekend. It was the first year the show made it’s way from New York to Chicago and I was super excited to check out all the new gear. Granted, this may not be the most exciting post for my non mom/expecting friends but you never know when you will have to buy a present for a friend or family member and this stuff is the coolest. 

Since we live in the city and are limited on space, I’m very picky about what we buy for Zain. I don’t want our home to be filled with a million toys or accessories we don’t need or use. Although we get a lots of advice from friends and family about what to buy it’s nice now that Zain is here for us to make those decisions since every baby is different. He’s really starting to become more aware of his surroundings and interact with us. 

Since the show can be overwhelming if you attend (there are so many vendors and products!) I thought I would share my top 3 picks and get your feedback on the things that work well for you and your kids! 


chicago mom blogger

chicago mom blogger



Stokke Tripp Trap

stokke tripp trap


A high chair is currently on our radar. Time has been flying by and in just 3 months we’ll start incorporating solids into Zain’s diet. Since we’re limited on space in the city I was really excited to check out all the different high chairs and see what could work. 

Although there were tons of gorgeous chairs that swiveled, sat high and had a million cool features they all seemed super bulky. I couldn’t imagine having them squeezed in between our dining table and office space. Then we stopped by the Stokke booth!

As soon as I saw the Tripp Trap I was in love. It’s simple, minimalistic and I love that you can choose your own wood finishes and they offer not only the traditional seat cover but an new version that helps your baby sit up with a bit more assistance for those early days. 




Snoo Smart Sleeper



Why did I not know about this sooner? It’s a little late for us with Zain but for anyone that is pregnant or at home with a newborn that isn’t sleeping well, say hello to your new best friend. I was a little taken back by how pricey the SNOO was but after hearing about it’s functions and then asking friends that used it what they thought, I was sold. Sleep deprivation is a real issue with a newborn and most of my friends that used this said they had their kids sleeping through the night at 6 weeks. 

Granted I’m sure many had to wake them to eat but being able to feed and put your child right back to sleep with no legwork is life changing. The bassinet works by holding the baby into it’s own built in swaddle and rocking the child according to it’s needs. So, depending on the child’s motion the SNOO adapts it’s amount of rocking motion. 

Genius, right? 



Tranquilo Mat

tranquilo mat


Trevor had seen these previously on Shark Tank and was on the hunt for them when we got to the show. We ended up snagging the mat in both sizes to try out with Zain and have been loving it! The mat mimics the sounds and motions of a mother’s womb and has been great for us during daytime naps (we are still struggling with that schedule) and when we happen to be out with him at a friend’s house and need him to go down. Since he’s not as familiar with the space and so much more aware of his surroundings now, it has been harder to get him to go down. We took the mats with us out to my brother’s house for the day and it was a breeze getting him to sleep in his pack and play. 

The mats are completely cordless and have three different settings that can be customized. I love that it lasts up to 60 hours so traveling with it isn’t an issue. They also just came out with some cute new covers and I loved that they are machine washable. 


Did you guys happen to see anything you loved or tried any of these yourself? 


chicago mom blogger

chicago mom blogger

chicago mom blogger

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chicago baby show



This post was sponsored by MomTrends. As always, all opinions are my own and thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible! 


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  1. so cute! and I honestly hadn’t even thought about a high chair yet, haha! guess that’ll come with time!