Life Lately VII

Jul 29, 2016


TGIF, for real. Hope you guys have been surviving the week and can we all say an amen for the weekend. It’s been a busy few weeks around here with our trip to Michigan and then having family in town but we have managed to sneak in some summer fun.


windy city smokeout

windy city smokeout chicago

windy city smokeout nachos


BBQ & Beers: I know I mentioned the Windy City Smokeout a few weeks ago but I was not prepared for how much fun we would have. We thought the food would be sample size – it was not ha. We stuffed ourselves with delicious BBQ enjoyed some Moody Tongue brews and enjoyed the live music and sunshine. I wish we could have made it to all 3 days but next year we most certainly will be.


Back at it: If you follow along on Snapchat (username: lowstoluxe) you have probably seen I am back on the running and skin care wagon. Why is it that when you go out of town and skip your routine for a few days it takes so long to get back into it? I’ve been trying to run again at least a few times a week and am on the hunt for a good at home arm workout. I have weights but haven’t found anything that’s quick and satisfying. If you have any suggestions please send them along!


The Night Of: Is anyone else watching?! It’s a new series on HBO and Trevor and I are obsessed. They had released the first episode a few weeks ago and we ended up catching it one weekend and I had been waiting for the next one for weeks. If you guys haven’t checked it out – I highly suggest it!


Bookworm: Aside from the new TV show I shared my summer reading list last week and have been knee deep in my new book every night since. I realized how much better reading was for my sleep rather than TV or my phone. It’s a great way for me to disconnect and relax before bed.


Recipe Testing: After craving a green smoothie several days last week I realized I needed to find a more economical way to fulfill that craving. I don’t want to continue spending $8 on a smoothie every week so I have been trying to taste test different combinations. So far I have included avocado, vanilla protein, raw honey, almond milk and am still playing with flavors. I want it to be more of a smoothie consistency and not a juice. If you have any tips or secrets send them my way please!


Hope you guys have fun plans for the weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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  1. Jess Zimlich says:

    I want to start running again once the temps start to drop! I usually take a break in the summer months so as not to keel over from heat exhaustion, but I never got back into it this spring – so I’m shooting for fall. As for the smoothie, I worked at a place called Juice Stop all through high school and into college and it was so much fun! The smoothies weren’t the best thing you could drink (most of them had non-fat frozen yogurt or sherbet added which made them more like a treat), but they weren’t the worst either and they were delish. Adding frozen fruit will always thicken it up, but getting the amount right is the tricky part so you don’t end up with a chunky mess. Annnd now I want a smoothie 😉

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  2. Jenn Lake says:

    Happy Friday, lady! Have an amazing weekend ahead!

  3. I’ve been making smoothies at home too, $8 at whole foods was not a good habit. My favorite so far is 1 banana, spinach, kale, pineapple, frozen mango and coconut water—tastes tropical!