Boozy Champagne Popsicles

Jul 28, 2016

champagne popsicles

Anyone else ready for happy hour? Me too! It has been insanely hot & humid here in Chicago and after having some homemade Popsicle’s while we were home I decided to try my hand at some and add a little bubbly to these champagne Popsicles. My mom made some delicious ones from coconut water and fresh pureed watermelon which I also recommend but I decided on a strawberry mimosa.

I made these on Saturday and froze them overnight and took them over to my brother and sister in law’s. They are the perfect treat to enjoy during brunch and sitting outside and playing with the kids. It fairly easy to throw together and I snagged these molds on Amazon. If you don’t mind the bright colored molds just insert those and freeze. If you prefer wooden sticks for lessclean up and easy throw away just cover the top of the molds with aluminum foil and insert the wooden stick before freezing.

I did half champagne and half fresh orange juice but you could adjust the preferences to your liking. I thought they tasted perfect and the fresh strawberry slices were so refreshing. I think adding more berries and different flavors would have been so fun!

Hope  you are having a great week and let me know if you try these this weekend!

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mimosa popsicle recipe


Mimosa Popsicle's
An easy and refreshing brunch treat!
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. 1 Bottle of Champagne
  2. 1 Carton Fresh Orange Juice
  3. 10 Strawberries, sliced
  1. Fill Popsicle molds half way with Champagne
  2. Fill 3/4 way to the top with fresh OJ
  3. Add sliced strawberries and cover molds
  4. Freeze overnight and serve
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  1. Yum!!! I want these 🙂

  2. Shaheen. Why do you do this to me. Hahhahaha

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