How To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Jun 24, 2016

weekend pakcing tips

How many times have you boarded your flight or stopped for gas on a road trip and out of nowhere something pops into your head you forgot. Yea, me too – always. I started packing smarter and earlier for trips over the past year especially since so many airlines have such strict guidelines now.

I never check a bag (who wants to wait for baggage after their flight?) making it even more important I get what I need in my carry on. I used to over pack and would realize when I landed I had 10 tops and 1 pair of jeans and nothing I really wanted to wear or was appropriate for the weather – see what happens when you wait till midnight the night before your flight to pack?

So, here’s a few ways I have reduced my stress and not over packed:

  1. Lay out your shoes and clothes first: I will normally pack one outfit per day – no more and no less. Each outfit includes one top & bottom or a dress if it’s warmer. After you lay those out pick one ‘back up’ outfit to include. Then make sure you have a shoe for each look! Tip: Don’t pack more than 3 shoes – one athletic pair of shoes, one heel & one flat. I usually stick to my neutral tones so I can swap them in and out with everything.
  2. Pick out accessories: For me this includes undergarments, socks, hats, if you need a bathing suit, etc. I will usually only bring one hat that is easy to fold and condense unless I plan on carrying it yourself on the plane.
  3. Categorize your toiletries: I use 2 pouches to separate mine. One for makeup and one for everything else. These clear pouches are perfect because you can just toss those onto the security belt to be checked.
  4. Lay out your day of travel outfit: I reserve my heaviest shoes and clothes to travel. It always tends to be chilly on planes and wearing a long cardigan will come in handy when you are on vacation and need something for a chilly night.
  5. Pack your purse: Include only what you will really use – a book, headphones, cell phone, phone charger & sunglasses. I try not to fill my bag up because along the way I always get snacks or a magazine and I don’t want my shoulder bag killing my arm all day.

After you have these basics laid out make sure you put back anything that you don’t absolutely need. I always lay out more than I pack and it’s a good idea to edit before you actually pack your bag. I usually keep all my shoes in the top zipper pocket of my carry on to keep them separated and then layer everything else.

Once you have gotten everything squared away you will feel so much better going to sleep knowing your bags are packed and your outfit is laid out waiting for you. Make sure to leave a toiletry bag out to throw in whatever you use the morning of and I always like to make a sticky note of the few things I can’t forget in the morning.

Hope these tips helped you guys, What are your essentials? I’m off to Louisville this weekend to enjoy some quality family time and then on a fun surprise trip next week. Make sure you are following along on Instagram & Snapchat! 


how to pack for a weekend


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  1. Aracely says:

    These are great tips! I’m much better now as I used to overpack all the time. The clear pouches are a great idea.

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    Have a great time back home this weekend! We need to get together once you are back – it’s been too long!

  3. Great tips! Hope your trip home was so fun!

  4. Annie Abbey says:

    Great tips here! Also I absolutely adore your rug! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    xx Annie

  5. Maggie says:

    I love those clear zip bags! I may just have to invest in a few