8 Easy Summer Cocktails

Jun 23, 2016

Now that summer is in full swing I’m sure your weekends will be full of festivals, cookouts and cocktails. Whenever the warm temperatures appear in Chicago I feel like our weekends instantly fill up. Everyone is so excited to get out and enjoy a beautiful drink on a patio or walk in the park.

Since our new place has a beautiful courtyard with a grill we have been trying to cook at home a lot more. I’m not a huge beer person and always want to try new fun cocktails at home. So, I rounded up a few I think look amazing and most just have 2-5 ingredients which is key. I don’t want to stock up on a lot of stuff so having recipes where the ingredients are already on hand is a lifesaver.


Skinny Coconut Margarita: Mmm, there is nothing like a cold margarita on a hot summer day. I love coconut so this is a favorite of mine and I feel better about cutting out some of the excess a traditional margarita has.

skinny coconut margarita


Strawberry Sangria: I love making sangria especially when we are having guests over. It’s such a refreshing drink on a hot day and is easy to make in bulk in a pitcher. This recipe adds some sweet strawberry and I loved the combination!

strawberry sangria


Grapefruit Salty Dog: I had never heard of this drink till a few weeks ago and I don’t know why! The ingredients are all delicious on their own and I imagine the combination is refreshing and easy to throw together. I have this saved for our cookout next weekend!

grapefruit salty dog


The Firecracker: Watermelon & cucumber? SOLD. Another combination I had never seen but loved the fresh fruit flavor and how it actually made me feel refreshed.

firecracker cocktail

Piña Colada: A fun twist on the traditional and the perfect classic cocktail to serve at your next outdoor get together.

pina colada

Rosemary Greyhound: I’m a sucker for anything with rosemary and I thought this had the perfect hint.

rosemary greyhound


The Gimlet: A refreshing cocktail for your guests that prefer vodka and a clean, crisp taste. gimlet

Bourbon Peach Smash: Being a Kentucky girl I feel like I should always have a good bourbon drink on hand. This was a fun combination I hadn’t seen before and liked that it wasn’t too sweet.

bourbon peach smash


Jalapeño Margaritas: One from my archives that people seem to love! Super easy, refreshing & you can adjust spiciness to your liking!

jalapeno margarita


Do you guys love creating new drinks during the summer? What are some of your favorites?


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  1. Jenn Lake says:

    All of these drink recipes are getting me so excited for the weekend! Are we there yet?!