Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

Jan 15, 2021

I can hardly stand this baby Zain picture…


Good morning and TGIF my friends! 

Today’s blog post is one that was requested a few times and although I fully realize Valentine’s Day is not something that needs to be celebrated (Trevor and I never even exchange gifts for holidays) this year needs some cheer and happiness so I am all for it. I also think having children has also made me much more into celebrating holidays because Zain gets so excited and loves crafting.

I rounded up a few things I personally bought and some others I thought we cute below and hope you guys have fun plans no matter big or small! 




I have surely but slowly accumulated my fair share of cookie cutters over the past few years and love these so much! 

The cutest sweets set for a little boy or girl to add to their kitchen fun!

We always buy these craft sets and Zain loves them. I just throw a cloth over our kitchen table and it occupies him for a whole morning or afternoon! 

One of our favorite pajama brands but they do run a tiny bit snug. I always size up for both of the kids! 

Did we need this? No. Did I buy it? Yes. It is so cute and affordable, I thought it would be the perfect treat!

You know I think pajamas are always a great buy! Maybe because my children spend so much time in them 😉 

How cute are these personalized crayons for Valentine’s Day? You can choose any color combo you like and these would make an amazing gift any time of year. 

This is our favorite pajama brand by far but they can be a little pricey. I do love that their pajamas are so stretchy and my kids can wear them for ages. I also think this cute pattern works all year! 

This brand is another favorite of ours! They have the best dolls and they are always well priced. 


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