5 Cozy Date Night Ideas

Jan 13, 2021


Good morning and Happy Friday! 

After planning our first date night out in what feels like a year this week I thought it would be fun to share what we have been doing at home to keep our date’s new and exciting. If you have anything that has worked for you, please share in the comments too.


Make A New Recipe At Home

Okay, cooking at home may not be new or sound fun but think of a few ways to switch it up and make it different. We have tried our hand at making pasta from scratch which was the most fun and ordering a meal kit to finish at home which was a blast. This is the book we ordered years ago when we first tried making pasta and this and this are the attachments we own! I will include the rest of the pieces we own and use below too. Locally, Jeff Ruby’s has kits where most thing just need to be heated up and the filet’s cooked. It’s fun to dress up a meal without having to do too much of the hard work!

Make sure you switch up your location too! We always eat in our little kitchen nook with the kids at a smaller round table. Since last March we have used our dining room more than ever! We light the candles, dim the lights in there and I set the table full out. It’s so fun to have a meal in there and I promise it makes a difference in your mood! 




Board Game/Trivia Night

We do this one a lot too but I am eager to try an online Trivia night still! We own a ton of board games and bought a few new ones like Bananagrams at the start of quarantine and love spending an evening on them. 

This Trivia Generator is totally free and what I have bookmarked for a weekend soon!




Wine Tasting/Cocktail Making Class

We have done versions of this with our friends and it’s so fun! Trevor actually did a blind Bourbon tasting with his group of guy friends which was a huge hit too. They all sent each other tiny bottle of Bourbon and then had a Zoom call where they tasted and guessed the age/brand/etc. 

Next on my list, is a virtual Wine Tasting with a vineyard in Napa and this Food & Wine article has a ton of great options to book. 


Dine Out In An Igloo

Dining out hasn’t exactly been easy for anyone and if you still don’t feel comfortable eating indoors (I feel you, we are the same!) check your area for Igloo’s. They are little outdoor areas you can book and eat in! I would recommend getting in as early as possible to avoid getting too cold but we just ate at Barn 8 and loved it! 



Drive In Movie Theatre

I have not been to a drive through in ages but we have one locally that we are eager to try. It’s family owned and you can pre-order your concessions for contactless pickup and enjoy a movie from the comfort of your car! We are planning on taking a few blankets and I am so excited! 




What date night or friend get togethers have you enjoyed lately? 




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