Lows to Luxe on The Everygirl

Oct 22, 2015

hi guys, happy thursday! i’m so excited to share a fun project i had been working on with y’all! it’s such a cool feature on The Everygirl with Sole Society styling 3 shoes for the fall and winter seasons. The boots are so affordable, well made, and cute (i mean the blue suede shoes?!) it was such a blast getting to style the looks and working with such amazing girl bosses. this is just a sneak peek so make sure to hop over and check it out!

blue booties

thanks for all the kind messages yesterday and hope guys have the best day!

photography by Emilia Jane for The Everygirl


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    Omg, these photos of you are BEAUTIFUL!

    And the smile!!!!!

    Love youuuuuu

    Missss youuuuuu

    How about that indian restaurant?

    Okay I’m done. 🙂

    Kelly | Kelly in the City