The Best Winter Gear To Buy Now

Nov 8, 2018

best winter coats

Original post here – also, this post was Zain’s first time seeing snow and I will forever treasure them. He was sooooo tiny! More Hunter Boots here


Happy Thursday friends!

I’m sure this photo of me standing in a pile of snow is a real shock to your system this morning but sadly #winteriscoming. I’ve been getting a lot of messages about winter gear so I thought it was time to finally share some favorite’s! Since these things are also such great gift’s I thought it was the perfect time. 

I tried to round up the best items in each category at both the low and high end. Things like a pricey puffer I would totally recommend for my Chicago girls but may not for my Louisville girls so make sure you focus on what works for you. 


First up, coats.

I always recommend a good puffer coat! The one I’m wearing in this photo is a Canada Goose Shelburne and if you brave crazy winters like Chicago’s I totally recommend one. They are quite pricey but I have friends who have had them for years and they still look new not to mention nothing will keep you warmer. 

I also have a Patagonia puffer that I purchased when I was pregnant and now wear more often! It’s great quality, isn’t too hot and has a classic cut. Some puffers can get a little crazy but a neutral color with an optional hood is a must. 

If you want to explore outside of that I recommend a glossy option! Everlane just came out with a great option that is made from recycled plastic bottles so what could be easier to support? 






For shoes, I say a pair of snow boots and rain boots are substantial enough. It’s nice that you can use Hunter’s during rainy and snowy seasons but those things are not warm. When the temperatures drop and it get’s icy you need a good pair of snow boots and I always go with Sorel. I’ve had the same pair for almost 5 years and they are easy to take on and off and most importantly my feet never get cold. 





As far as accessories, I say stay simple and classic. I mean, what did you expect from me? Hats, scarves and gloves in neutral shades are usable year after year. I used to buy more inexpensive gloves from Target in the past but then realized I was just replacing them every year. I finally invested in these last year and plan on keeping them for a while. Having the touch pads for your phone is crucial. 

As for hats, I own more beanie’s than I would like to admit. A chunky knit with a pom pom on the top is my favorite but I still love a plain one. I also own this fedora and although I don’t wear it as often, I love it. 









best snow boots

Original post here


I rounded up everything above (more cold weather picks here) and if you have anything you swear by, share in the comments!


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  1. Sharon says:

    Fyi, I think there might be some confusion with the day of the week. You wrote ‘happy Thursday”… it’s Wednesday, unless this post is from last week? I’m new to your blog. Anyway, I’m hunting for both a new puffer and a new pair of boots and I loved your round up!