Zain’s First Snow Day

Nov 20, 2017

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Coat: Canada Goose – also here! | Sweater: MadewellScarf: Free People – also here! | Jeans: NYDJ (These things are made of magic. I wrote about them here but they literally make me feel all pulled in and are so flattering!) | Hat: Free PeoplesimilarBoots: Hunter Boots – love these too! | Lips: NARSZain’s Snowsuit: Gapon sale and amazing! 


Is it crazy we already had the first snow?! 




I know it showed snow in the forecast but let’s be honest the weather forecast is never right. Most of the time when it’s raining and I open my app to see when it ends, it shows no rain at all. I assumed that it would be a light dusting and clear up soon but that was incorrect. We woke up Friday morning and had breakfast before Trevor left for work and there was just a few flakes falling. About an hour later when I was playing with Zain I looked up and these giant flakes were falling rapidly and sticking

Zain was so mesmerized watching the snow fall out the window and since I had already bought all of his winter gear (I like to be prepared) I wanted to let him get out and enjoy it, even if it was just for a few minutes. I got him dressed in his fleece footie jammies, bear suit and packed him into his stroller. We just got the Cozy Ganoosh and I can’t reccomend it enough!!! It’s basically a giant fluffy sleeping bag that zips onto the stroller and keeps them so cozy warm. I usually put his blanket over the top to make sure he can’t sneak his hands out and I honestly feel like he’s hot when I get him out.  A few people have messaged me about what we have gotten in preparation for Chicago’s winter for Zain and I just updated ‘Zain’s Favorites‘ shop on the homepage so you can check it all out there till I get that post finished (always behind!

We decided to take a walk up to 6 Corners to grab a coffee at Starbucks (the holiday cups arrived!) with Jess and stroll around for a bit. I know friends had recommended the Uppababy Cruz to us but I have never been so thankful for it. The wheels were great on the fresh snow and since it’s so light it was easy for me to get around. 

As for me, I threw on my easiest pieces. Sometimes after you get your baby dressed you have no energy to get yourself dressed, real talk. I basically live in this chunky sweater and scarf and was recently converted to the Canada Goose team. I have a Patagonia puffer and another black puffer jacket but nothing stacked up. It’s such an investment which is why I hesitated so much but after wearing both Kelly and Jess’ I realized how much warmer I could be. It may not make sense for everyone but with Chicago winters I felt like it was a good piece for me to invest in and now Trevor wants one! Although I loved the grey and graphite colors, I thought for something I hoped to wear for the next 15 years I should stick to black so I wouldn’t have to worry about not liking the color in the future. 

It was actually such a lovely snow day and after we wandered the neighborhood we proceeded to load into the car, swing through the drive through at Wendy’s for chicken nuggets and fries (Zain was so jealous) and stop at Target since we both needed a few things. We obviously ended up buying 800 things we didn’t know we needed and I conveniently forgot my wallet. All in all, it was one of my favorite Friday’s and I’m excited to watch all these firsts with Zain! 


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