The Best Way To Clean Out Your Closet

May 22, 2018

the best way to clean out your closet

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Well, I’m sure you all saw the loads of garbage bags that I had hanging around my bedroom on Instagram stories. I am a huge fan of closet/home clean out’s and purges and since we are moving this fall it was even more of a drive. All of my stuff is currently up for sale here and since I received a lot of questions about how I do it, I figured it may be helpful to share in case you were itching for a spring cleaning yourself!


Go Through Everything

I know it seems daunting but go through EVERYTHING. I like to take everything out of my closet including shoes, bags, etc and work things back in. That way you can make sure you have sorted through each and every piece and also reorganize things on their way back in. 


Anything you haven’t worn in 6 months -1 year

Let it go! Obviously if it hasn’t been that season in a while just reference back to it and anything you barely wore or didn’t ever reach for, get rid of. There is a reason you didn’t want to wear it whether it be style, color or fit and that isn’t going to change. Be firm with yourself and when in doubt, I say toss it! 


Things you are ‘waiting’ to fit into

This is all me. I hold on to the craziest things thinking that I will fit back into them. Newsflash Shaheen you won’t because you like doughnuts too much and that’s okay. I feel like keeping clothes in your closet that are either too big or too small just puts pressure on yourself and you should feel good in what you wear. 


Make Donate and Sell Piles

Separate out what you think you can sell and what would be better to donate. Sometimes I think being able to sell items makes it easier for you to let go and then donate anything else! 


Repeat the Process

Go through everything one last time! Once I’ve created all my piles I sift back through everything to make sure I don’t need to switch anything over, get rid of anything else and occasionally I allow myself to take an item back. 


Once you have finished all of this I think you will be surprised how much lighter and better you will feel. Make sure you are shoppings mart and really ask yourself how much you love something and how often you will use it before hitting that buy button. I’m really trying to pare down what I invest in and I am telling you it feels great! 



how to clean out your closet





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