5 Ways To Improve Your Self Confidence

May 23, 2018

5 ways to improve self confidence

Overalls: Urban Outfitters – I will admit I was a little skeptical that these were too distressed but then I tried them on and no longer cared. They literally feel like pajamas and some day you need to be comfortable and wear adult pj’s 🙂 Also love these, these and these! | Top: Nordstrom – love this, this and this too! | Shoes: Everlane – these were my go to sandals last summer and I’m sure I will be wearing them just as much this year. Order 1/2 size up! | Sunglasses: Ray Ban – also available here! | Lips: Bare Minerals | Zain’s Shirt: NordstromZain’s Shorts: NordstromZain’s Shoes: Nordstrom – love them and they are ortho lite so I feel like he can still walk easily in them


Happy hump day friends!

Today’s outfit really got me thinking and inspired this post topic so I thought it was the perfect pairing. When it comes to fashion, I’ve always been a little outside of the box. People often tell me ‘I would never wear that but totally see you in it’ I’m not sure if that’s a compliment but I have always worn whatever I feel confident in whether it’s seemingly cool or not. 

Looking back now I think it is a form of self confidence and since everyone struggles with that from time to time (post baby life can be rough) I thought I would share a few tips that have helped me along the way. 


Believe in Yourself

If you mentally encourage yourself, it will happen. It sounds silly but with infertility, my business, really anything I kind of coach my mind through what I want to happen. I visualize what I am aiming for and it makes getting there much easier for me. Don’t doubt yourself and when you find yourself going down that road make a real effort to convince yourself otherwise. Soon enough, I got in the habit of being positive before negative. 


Surround Yourself With People That Lift You Up 

When I got to Blair’s house last week for our playdate with the boys she immediately saw me and said “Aww you look so cute” I was like really? haha. It’s nice to be surrounded by so many uplifting and supportive friends and it really makes such a difference. 


Get Dressed

I know this seems silly but it helps me so much. Since being home with Zain and working from home, some days I find myself in pajamas with Zain’s drool on me at 2pm. It makes me feel cruddy and so unproductive. If I get myself dressed and put on even just a bit of makeup it helps perk me up and make me feel more confident. 


Change A Small Habit

I talked about this earlier this year but changing small things has really done wonders for me. Earlier this year I tackled my tardiness and it’s insane how such a small change has affected my life, mood and overall happiness. 



Whether I want to or not, it helps me. I think the release can help everyone and it always boosts my self confidence and encourages me to eat healthier. It’s a positive cycle for me to maintain!


What do you all find helps you? I am still working on it everyday and love hearing from you guys! 


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    Such a great post! Also loving those overalls!

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