The Best Thing About Your Kitchen

Mar 25, 2021

Kitchen via Studio Mcgee


Good morning! 

This post was spawned by an Instagram Story I shared this week and then had several requests to share the answers. We are finalizing our kitchen design since demo starts next week and I asked everyone what their favorite element of their existing kitchen was. 

I will say, I am very happy that almost all of these were incorporated into my design but there were a few I thought were genius and hadn’t thought of yet. So, here we go! 


Pot Filler: This surprised me! We are getting one but I was really set on it for more aesthetic reasons. However, it was one of the most common responses from people. 

Spice Drawer: One of the things I’m most excited about! Everyone preferred a drawer with spices laying down on racks. 

Knife Drawer: I have been debating this and have a spot to try it on in! 

Baking Pan Cabinet: I agree with this wholeheartedly! We currently have this over our fridge and I love it but am moving it directly next to my oven and stove in the new design. It’s so nice to have them vertical and you can see everything. 

More drawers than shelves! Everyone was very adamant about making everything a drawer that you can pull out and see into. I agree and almost every cabinet we have in the new design pulls out. 

Under cabinet lighting

Appliance Garage/Cabinet: I agree and am most excited about this! I created a coffee bar/appliance cabinet in our pantry so that all those clunky things aren’t sitting out every day. I am actually hiding our microwave in this area too because I am not a fan of them in islands or cabinetry. 

Warming Rack under the Hood

Easy to clean material behind stove instead of tile

The trash bin: a sweepovac in the toe-kick and a touch open/close. Being able to open your trash while your hands are dirty would be amazing and I had not thought about that! 

Charging Drawer: We are putting this in the pantry as well in a drawer next to our mini fridge and I am so excited. Plug all your phones, ipad’s, etc in the drawer so no one has to look at it! 



Hope this helpful if you are planning a remodel or building a home! As always, thank you for sharing with me! 


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Great ideas! We’re looking to redo our current kitchen in a few years (some of the cabinets are from the 40s!!! And the rest from the 90s. Eeeks). My husband added under cabinet lighting in this old kitchen though because I couldn’t take it being so dark while cooking dinner in the winter!!! We put in a 2 new kitchens in our 3 flat that we rent though. They are rentals so we didn’t want to spend a ton, but we lived in the one unit for a few years. My one regret was not having the dishwasher right next to the sink. Our current kitchen is also like this. It just gets water all over the floor loading the dishwasher. Also my biggest MUST HAVE is a HUGE single bowl sink. Good luck!

    • shaheen khan says:

      Oh awesome, I hope the list helps when the time comes! Yes!!! I agree and didn’t realize the dishwasher was placed elsewhere in homes. I think we must have gotten lucky with all our rentals because that would be a pain! THANK YOU!!!