Healthy Chicken Avocado Lettuce Wraps

Mar 26, 2021


Good morning! 

I am fairly certain I have shared this recipe several times over the years on Instagram but thought it was about time I gave it a permanent home. It’s one of our favorite quick meals that is not only healthy but easy to prep for the week and store in the fridge! 

Both Zain and Trevor love these and you can either serve them on lettuce wraps or tortillas. We do both depending on our mood! It also works well to take alone as a work lunch at your desk. 

I am a true chicken salad lover at heart (Whole Foods Classic is heaven sent) but wanted to find a way to put a healthier twist on it without taking away great flavors. As always, adding spice was top of mind so feel free to omit the sriracha if you don’t enjoy heat or add more in! I also shared a Reels of this recipe coming together last night so feel free to check that out if you have any questions.



1 head of Living Lettuce for wraps

2 cans of chicken (we loved the Valley Fresh ones from Costco) 

2 ripe avocados (they should be easy to smash and mix)

1/4 cup red onion, chopped

1 cup celery, chopped

3 Tbsp dijon mustard (I highly recommend the grainy version from Trader Joe’s)

3 Tbsp Sriracha (I would add this slowly and taste your first time so you can adjust based on your palette) 

Fresh ground black pepper



Drain chicken and add to bowl with onion, celery, black pepper and sriracha. 

In a separate bowl, add avocado and mash to a smooth consistency. I use a large spoon but you could always use a masher if easier. 

Add mashed avocado to chicken and mix well! 

Scoop onto to lettuce and garnish with sriracha for extra heat! 








Hope you enjoy and tag me on Instagram if you try it! 




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  1. dale says:

    I am not sure how “healthy” this is with all the sodium.

    • shaheen khan says:

      The title refers to a healthy twist on chicken salad so replacing the mayo with avocado for some healthy fats! Always make sure you drain and rinse your canned chicken or tuna and like listed you can adjust your sriracha based on preference. Hope that helps!