The Best Gifts Under $50

Nov 22, 2019


Good morning and TGIF friends! 

I am so beyond ready for this weekend and feel like I’ve been waiting for Thanksgiving for weeks. In case you are new around here, Thanksgiving has a lot of meaning for my family and Trevor because of my past and is always a time we relax and reflect on all of our good fortune. 

I’ll share more about our plans on Monday but wanted to get this new Gift Guide up since it was one of the most requested. I originally thought about doing an under $50 and under $100 together but decided more options under $50 would hopefully be more beneficial. I included a ton of things I have bought for friends, co workers, white elephant gifts, and so on. 






Fuzzy Slippers: I get asked about mine constantly! I wish mine were still available but this is the closest I’ve found at a great price. If you want a full mocassin, I just bought these! 


Double Insulated Cups: These are one of my favorite things in our kitchen and a gift I always give! These double walled glasses have been in use in our house for over 6 years and held up great. They can be warmed in the microwave and will keep your drink piping hot without stopping you from holding the glass. I use mine for tea all the time!


Lip Mask: I wasn’t sure if I should believe the hype about this stuff but it really works. My entire family now uses it before bed and it’s honestly cut down on my lip moisturizing during the day. 


Cashmere Shampoo: Somewhat of a small splurge but I swear by this wash for my sweaters and only use it! I think it’s a great gift and something people wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. 


Phone Case: I mean it has pizza all over it. What else do you want me to say?


Hair Tie: Sometimes, the big headbands can be a lot and I also wear my hair up most often so I thought this was a really cute little accessory. 


Candle: My favorite gift to receive may be a candle and I love the way this one not only looks but smells! 


Jammies: These are on sale and so adorable! Everyone loves a good pair of comfortable joggers around the holidays and since these aren’t holiday themed they could wear them all year. 


Herbivore: This is the clean retinal alternative I’ve been using for months and rave about. It’s very affordable and would make a great gift for a skin care fan!


Pom Pom Hat: I feel like I buy these everywhere I go and I love the oversized pom on this one. 


Cozy Throw: I love the feel of this one and it’s a great alternative to the more pricey Barefoot Dreams!


Yeti Mug: My favorite travel mug I use almost daily. It makes me less scared to have coffee around Zain and keep my stuff warm since I forget to drink it half the day. 


Water Bottle: I myself am guilty of wanting this so bad and just never committing to it because it seems pricey. It’s durable and would make a great gift. Hint hint TREVOR! 


Gua Sha Set: Another beauty product I’ve posted about a ton. I love this jade roller and gua tool. Both feeling amazing on and I’ve found some great tutorials on how to use them effectively! 


Big Scarf: Another thing I can never have enough of and this is my favorite scarf! Doubles as a blanket for travel and napkin for your kids 😉 




Hope this was helpful and you all have the most amazing weekend! 


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