The Best Gifts for The Guys In Your Life

Nov 27, 2019


Good morning and happy Wednesday! 

I am so excited to officially start Thanksgiving break today 🙂 Trevor is working but Zain and I are off and heading to a friend’s for a playdate and then baking a few goodies tonight. Have any of you watched The Great British Baking Show? Trevor and I have recently become obsessed and have now decided to bake several desserts from scratch this week. Wish us luck 😉 

I am also excited to share the guy’s gift guide on the blog today. It’s basically a round up of Trevor’s favorite things that he loves and uses all the time!





Yeti Rambler: Trevor loves this and uses it everyday to take a gigantic amount of coffee to work. It would also be great for travel! 


Allbirds Sneakers: Everyone in our family owns these and loves them! You can wear them with or without socks and throw them in a washer if they get dirty. 


Bose Headphones: We both also have these and love them for travel! You can literally hear nothing when they are on and makes even sleeping on a plane more enjoyable. 


Patagonia Jacket: Trevor and Zain both have this jacket and wear it all winter long. It’s easily packable which makes it great for traveling too!


Winter Hat: Another pick that both Zain and Trevor have and love! 


Espresso Machine: This one is a bit pricier but on huge sale right now so wanted to share. If your dad, husband, in-laws, whomever are into coffee this is such a special and amazing gift. 


Joggers: I’m suddenly realizing how many of these things both Zain and Trevor have but he wears them more than anything else in his closet I bet. 


House Slippers: We are a very strict ‘no shoes’ household so our house shoes are like second nature to us. These are great for the price and have held up for years. 


Barbour Coat: Trevor resisted this coat for a while since it’s a big pricier but I forced him to finally pull the trigger and he wears it all the time. It’s easy to throw on with jeans but also works when you are dressing up as well. 


Spiceology Set: I bought this set for Trevor last Christmas and we have already placed another order! We both loved using them to cook and they have amazing flavor since they are created by chefs. 




Hope that brought some new items to light for you all! I wanted to be sure to share things we know are tried and true and hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving with your loved ones! 



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  1. Emily says:

    Men’s list was just what I needed today. Michael’s gifts ordered! Thanks Shaheen ????