The Best Bra Clip

Jun 20, 2022

Good Monday morning! 

We had a whirlwind weekend that I took most of off social media so I could fully be present for Zahra’s 2nd birthday. I can’t believe my little girl is already 2 and I’m not sure if it was Covid or just being a second child but the days seem to fly by. My in-laws came in town and we had dinner with them and my parents on Saturday night to celebrate her but don’t think I didn’t make it big for her at home 🙂 We stayed up late Friday night blowing up a dozens balloons and decorating the house in a loose ‘you are my sunshine’ theme! It’s the song I sing her every night before bed and she loves to request it by saying ‘mama sunshine’ which melts my heart every time so I thought it would be cute! I realize this has nothing to do with today’s post and will share more about her birthday later this week but wanted to share the details from this morning’s Reel.

I shared this crop tank about a month ago and I can not tell you how many DM’s I received asking what kind of bra I was wearing. I know they make racerback options but I have never found one I love and to be frank, I’ve had this set of bra clips since college and they have always worked for me. They come in a set of 3 neutrals and I love that you can slide them up and down to adjust as needed! I have also heard from friends that they help their older bras work again and/or add extra support. 

Have you all ever tried these? I’ll do anything to avoid a strapless bra and I promise these will get the job done 😉 



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