6 Things I Love Right Now

Jun 23, 2022

Good morning! 

This heat wave is reaching new limits here in Louisville and I am hiding from the outdoors. How Is your week going? If you are new to this series, I just share a few things that have been bringing me joy lately whether that be a podcast, product, anything random. They are always so much fun to write and I love hearing your highlights!




I picked up my new book last weekend and I am beyond excited to dive in! I don’t always jump on Reese Book Club picks but I was really intrigued by this storyline and excited to read something by Kirsten Chen and her take on the model minority. 


Navy Hair Care

I shared this on Instagram a week or so ago but my hair has transformed since I had Zahra. I didn’t notice any major changes after Zain but since I had Zahra my hair has never been the same. I previously had naturally silky hair, to the point that clips wouldn’t hold it. In the past year despite me hardly using heat on it ever, it feels coarse and dry. I asked my girlfriends what they recommended and was shocked every single one of them said Navy. I immediately ordered and have been really happy with the results so far. Even after just a few washes my hair felt silkier and was was less frizzy when I fixed it. Continuing on but wanted to share an update! 


Yogurt Bars

You may be asking yourself, am I 12? Possibly. With this insane heat I have been eating greek yogurt pops twice a day. They are so delicious and refreshing when it’s hot outside and you are welcome for doing the research for you to find the best ones. Try the 365 Blueberry and Mango Greek Yogurt Bars and if you find North Star Greek Yogurt Bars in Orange or Chocolate Fudge somewhere, stock up! I find those at a local market by our house but they are so tasty. 


Chicken Marinade

Ever since I made these Tzatziki Chicken Bowls I have used this easy chicken marinade weekly. It’s only a few ingredients that I always have on hand and makes the most tasty chicken right out of the oven. I usually try to mix mine in the morning and let it sit all day and then serve it with Right Rice and a veggie or over a salad! It’s also great leftover to add to bowls or take for lunch to work. 



Trader Joe’s Chimichurri 

I know this came out a few months ago but have you all tried it? It’s phenomenal! We are big Zhoug sauce fans over here but have been reaching for their chimichurri more often than not. Try it! 



I shared this over on stories but I have been at the pool so much with the kids already this summer and I am tired of roasting in the sun. I ordered a ton of rashguards to try and surprisingly this came out the winner! Most I tried were way too cheeky or had no built in support. I think the fit on this is amazing, it has a built-in bra and cups, and I love that it is UPF 50+! I took a size 6 in this based on reviews and highly recommend if you are looking for more sun protection. 




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