The Best Basics For Fall

Jul 20, 2018


TGIF y’all!

It has been a crazy week over here so sorry for the radio silence on the blog for the past two days. The painting finally started at our house (YAY!) but it took us a while to decide on paint colors, what we were thinking for each room and finalize everything. I am putting together a post with a few photos of the ‘before’ of our home for next week so stay tuned!

Right now we are just putting fresh paint all over the house, ripping up the carpet in the master bedroom (the only room in the house with carpet) and refinishing the original floors in the master and the whole second floor. The flooring is set to start Monday so fingers crossed we will be moving in by next weekend! We’ve actually loved being here at my parent’s but it can get tiring to not have your own space. It’s also a battle to eat remotely healthy while living here but on the flip side I’m able to go to the gym way more which is nice. Anyhow, stay tuned over on Instagram for more in the moment updates on the house!

As for today, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now PUBLIC. I shared some of my favorite’s last week on the blog but today I wanted to do something a little different. After visiting the store, trying on all my goodies and scouring the website I thought it may be more helpful to share the best basics from the sale. I know that’s what I generally stock up on and you guys may be looking for too! Everything is super affordable and products that I already own, just bought or are made by brands that I swear by. 






You can click on any image in the collage above to shop, super easy! Although they didn’t restock any items (just as I thought!) there are still a lot of great pieces left that I ordered pretty late in the game. The tee I was wearing yesterday over on Instagram is one I already own in several colors and to me if the best tee hands down. I ordered TTS (wearing a small!) and now is the perfect time to stock up. This BLANKNYC suede moto jacket is also fully in stock and such a great deal! I snagged my green one during the sale a few years ago and as you know still wear it all the time. The brand makes jackets to last and they are thick enough to provide some warmth during the fall! Another piece not to miss is these faux leather leggings! Do you remember my search last year? It took me so long to find a a pair that fit well and didn’t look shiny. These are it and it doesn’t hurt that they suck you in 🙂 Just a few of the many I loved above! I will make sure to keep checking back on anything that may be restocked for you and share over on Instagram!


I also per your request created a men’s section below with everything we picked up for Trevor, our favorite brands for him and things still on his wish list. Its’ a great time to stock up on holiday gifts and these are all well worth the price! Some of our favorite men’s brands are J.Crew, Bonobos, Adidas and Barbour

A few highlights from below: This Barbour coat is a must! Sometimes the brand can be a bit preppy but I actually think these coats work really well on everyone. Trevor already owns a quilted version so we snagged this and love it. Their is a super thick lining on the inside and it’s really warm so this could work well into the winter. We went with navy since he already has a khaki coat and ordered TTS.

There are also so many good men’s shoes included and a ton Trevor already owns. These Wolverine boots were something he bought last year during the winter and were quite the investment. I wish I had gotten them on sale so if you are thinking about them I would do it now! The sizing on them was a little tricky (we actually went into a dealer to have him fitted) so maybe order more than one and send back whatever doesn’t fit. 

These are Trevor’s normal go to jeans and shirts so we stocked up on some new shirts for him for work. I also found these really affordable work pants and loved them on! They do run a little small so size up!





Hope this helps a bit and if you have any additional questions on sizing or what not check the Like To Know It app for details or shoot me a message over on Instagram



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