6 Helpful Tips For A Road Trip With A Child

Jul 17, 2018

5 helpful tips for a road trip with a child

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Planing a road trip with your little one? Well, we’ve had quite the bought of road trips lately so I thought it would be a great time to share what’s been working for us. It’s been a little bit of trial and error and since Zain has become much more aware we’ve had to change things up a bit. 

I still remember when he was so tiny and I could drive all the way from Chicago to Louisville (5 hours) without him waking up at all. Oh, how those days are gone! Now that he takes two naps a day; one at 9am and one at 1pm we have adjusted our plan of attack. 

Here’s a bit of advice and if you have any wisdom for us, please share! 


Plan Around Nap’s

Just like with flying, we try to do this with driving. If we are wanting to leave earlier we try to get in the car around the time he should be napping. If that’s not a possibility, I will wait till we give him his bath and normally put him in his crib for the night and instead put him in his car seat


Sit in the Back 

If you have the option of two people, have someone sit in the back! It’s just easier for everyone. The driver doesn’t have to be distracted by the backseat and whoever is in the back can help out much easier. 


Distract with Snacks

Just like flying, Zain eats way more when we’re driving. I make sure to pack 1-2 extra bottles, plenty of snacks and grab him something when we stop for food. It keeps him entertained and happy! 


Pack Entertainment 

Although Zain doesn’t watch much TV at home I downloaded the Sesame Street season on my phone for our flight to Mexico and it comes in very handy for road trips. We have watched the ‘Brush Your Teeth’ song on repeat about a million times. It’s his favorite 🙂  


Don’t Set Expectations 

Just go in knowing things may not go smoothly and you may save yourself a lot of stress. The first time we did it I had so much of a schedule planned out and when we didn’t hit those markers it stressed me out. Now I just go with the flow, stop when we want and do whatever it takes to make him happy till we make it to our destination. 


Pack Light

Although I am a serial over packer, packing the car can get crazy. Especially with a bunch of baby stuff. We recently got the BabyZen YoYo stroller and am telling you it’s life changing. It weighs next to nothing, collapses with one hand and is perfect for travel. It doesn’t have as much space as our Uppababy stroller underneath but that isn’t a deal breaker especially for travel. It also happens to fold up so small that you can stow it away in the overhead carry on bin in airplanes. Trust me, you need it. 


What do you guys do to pass the travel time? 


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