Tackling Your Never Ending To Do List

Jan 14, 2016

I know I mentioned last week that I was doing better at tackling my never ending to do list and thought I would share a few things that have been working for me lately.

First off, let me be clear that I have also slowly adjusted my expectations in life. I tend to be a perfectionist and Trevor will be the first to say I am always talking about what I need to get done because it’s constantly on my mind.

tips to be productive

My goal this year is to get ahead…like really. I want to be 2 weeks ahead on blog posts and that way when last minute things sprout up it’s not a major issue. So, here are a few things that have been helping me:

to do list

Prioritize Your List.

What do you really need to get done? I realized I had so many tiny things on my list that didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things but seeing the never ending list was so overwhelming it would make me not only anxious but not even want to begin to tackle it. Pick the top 3 things that are important to you that day and get it done. You will feel accomplished, fulfilled and hopefully less stressed.

See Where You Spend Your Time.

Keep track of your day for the next few weeks and try to target where and when you are most productive and also most distracted. If you are ending days and feeling like you didn’t get anything done (like I was) you may also just be putting too much pressure on yourself. At the end of the day write down things you did get completed and check those off. Even though you have already done them you will be able to visualize how much you have accomplished and keep track. Once you identify the down times in your day you can try to target those and stay focused on a project.

Treat Yourself.

I am a firm believer in giving myself gifts, ha. I will now tell myself if I finish editing or writing so many posts in a certain day I can pour a glass of wine or watch an hour of reality television to unwind (my ultimate guilty pleasure – don’t judge) These should help break up your day and feel good!

Set Weekly & Monthly Goals.

I am a firm believer in calendars and writing in them in pencil so you don’t feel crazy marking and rewriting things every couple of days. Set yourself general goals for the months ahead – maybe 6 and more specific daily goals and ideas for that month. It’s easier to see things ahead of time then scrambling to pull it together. Also, from a blogger perspective you can visualize holidays, events and sales that you may want to prepare for. If you are in the market for a super helpful tool my friend Blair just launched an amazing editorial calendar that has been helping me plan out my social media and everything blog related – check it out here!

Be Kind To Yourself.

Take the pressure off. Enjoy life and don’t stress about the small stuff. It’s the biggest thing I am working on for this year but it’s such an important reminder!


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Hope this helped just a little bit and I would love to hear what you guys have been doing to stay organized!


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  1. Haley says:

    These are amazing tips, Shaheen! I’m so glad someone else writes things and crosses them off after the fact, because sometimes I feel so silly for doing that! Have a wonderful and productive day!

  2. great tips! let’s hold each other accountable for getting two weeks ahead! ready, set, go!

  3. Mukti says:

    Absolutely love your necklaces. Do you mind sharing where you got them? Thank you!

  4. Love the “be kind to yourself’ — such an easy one to throw by the wayside. Also, your phone case is AMAZING 🙂

  5. These sound like totally level headed ways to approach it! Danny’s coworker uses a “story” that I find helpful to remember; Everyone is juggling too many balls but productive people know which balls are glass and will break if dropped. They also know which ones are rubber and will bounce right back up if missed.