6 Ways To Avoid A Winter Workout Rut

Jan 27, 2017


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As odd as it sounds, pregnancy has really added a new motivation to my workout routine. When I was in my first trimester, it was really the only thing that made me feel better. Your body is changing, your energy is low and sometimes jumping on the elliptical or walking would help boost my mood and actually give me more energy. With work and life, I try to get to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and do a combo of cardio and weights. 

I have no desire to go crazy or meet any new goals during pregnancy. I’m more motivated to maintain healthy muscle to help with carrying a pregnancy, labor and delivery and encourage blood flow to the baby. Unfortunately, the winter here can really throw a wrench in your workout plans. Those beautiful walks on the 606 and hoping outside for a quick run are now non existent and getting into a gym, can be a little less exciting. I tried a few tricks to try and stay motivated this season and thought I would share a few. 


Join A New Gym: Being in the same old space can put you in a rut real quick. I was excited to join Equinox in January and have loved the workout facility and spa. The classes are great and the instructors are always happy to talk me through modifications I may need. 

Try New Routines: I started to mix up the types of classes I was going to. Before pregnancy, I was a high intensity training girl and since I can’t do that anymore I branched out and actually found a lot of surprising classes I love. Hello, stair master and hip hop dance class!

Make A New Playlist: The top 50 hits got old real quick! I was getting bored on the elliptical so quickly because my music wasn’t very exciting. One night I sat down and mixed through a bunch of new songs I hadn’t heard and created 3 playlists that got me pumped for the gym again. 

Find A Friend: Nothing is better than a workout partner. I have started meeting friends at the gym and trying to wrangle anyone I know to join, because it is so much more enjoyable with someone by your side. Trevor belongs to the same gym as me now so it makes weekend workouts that much easier. One of us is always not wanting to go, so it’s great we have the other to motivate. 

Warm Your House Up: I know this sounds crazy but when I wake up under the covers and it’s freezing in my house, it makes me want to go nowhere. I will usually pump up the heat and once it warms up I am way more likely to change into my workout clothes and get out the door! 

Buy New Gear: I can’t emphasize this enough! I am a very frugal person and always hesitate buying new workout gear since I feel like ‘I don’t need it’ but with my changing body it was the perfect time to refresh my wardrobe and it has made me so much more excited to hit the gym! Nordstrom has the most affordable workout pieces that are uber comfortable and I love picking stuff up at Marshalls too! 



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  1. Britney says:

    Great tips! When I stayed home last night and made brownies instead of going to my yoga class, that was probably just avoiding my workout entirely then, huh? 🙂 Loving your leggings and shoes. Thanks for the extra motivation!

  2. So cute!!!! I love this top, it looks super cozy!