Starbucks Medicine Ball Hack

Feb 3, 2022

Top: Target – I love these tees and it is currently on sale for $6! Runs TTS, I’m in a small. | Jeans: AGolde – my favorite straight leg jean, runs TTS but size up if in between. | Slippers: UGG – have owned these for a few years and held up well, currently on sale! | Runner: World Market – such a STEAL at $99 and looks so much pricier IMO. | Mug: Amazon – love these for lattes, tea, etc. | Beaded Bracelet: Amazon – just added this to my rotation a few weeks ago and has held up well. 



Good morning!

How is everyone’s week going? We are bracing ourselves for some serious winter weather today and tomorrow like so many of you. I know Chicago is anticipating almost 20 inches of snow and that sounds like a little bit of fun. Sadly, we are just expecting sleet and ice which should make getting out interesting. 

I figured it was the perfect time to share the Medicine Ball hack I’ve been making at home. I shared it briefly on Instagram the other morning when I was making it but kept receiving questions on what I use so figured I would share a quick Reel and keep the recipe saved here. 

If you haven’t heard of the Starbucks Medicine Ball, it’s heavenly and makes an sore throat feel soothed! I love them and usually crave one when my sinuses were acting up. It was actually a few months ago when my Starbucks said they were out of what they needed that I decided to just try it on my own and save some money 😉 

I sometimes add a drop of peppermint oil or a ginger tea to the mix but it’s so soothing just like this and a cinch to make. Hope you all stay safe and warm today and let me know if you try it! 





Teavana Peach Tranquility

Teavana Citrus Jade 




Squeeze juice from half a lemon into cup

Add about a tsp of local honey 

Add 1 tea bag from each flavor

Pour hot water over and let steep for 10-15 minutes






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