Tips & Tricks To Hanging A Gallery Wall

Feb 7, 2022


Good morning! 

Honestly, what day is it even 😉 Between the snow storm and Zain being quarantined again I feel like January has just run into February and somehow we can’t get into a routine. Both kids will hopefully be back in school tomorrow, I’ll be back at work, and we can maybe try to catch our breath! 

Our snow and ice storm didn’t turn out to be as severe as anticipated so we got to spend the day at my parents and watch movies which was lovely. I also got the prints I had ordered in and finally finished my gallery wall! If you remember, the wall of frames has come a long way. 

I ended up mixing some fine art prints from Minted with some B&W photos of my own and a few snaps of the kids. It has turned out to be one of my favorite spots to walk by in the house and I’m so glad I continued to add to it. I’m not a huge fan of traditional gallery walls so when I first had the prints hung it just didn’t feel right. 

I have gotten several questions on how I decided what to hang and where so I thought this morning’s reel may be helpful. I shared a few tips below along with our prints! I had the fine art prints from Minted framed by them and opted for the fine art glass framing, I think it looks much nicer than the standard plexiglass type material. I had our B&W prints done through MPix and I always use them for photos, the quality is top notch! 



Grab an Inexpensive Picture Hanging Kit

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy one of these but it has made hanging things a cinch. I used different sizes for every frame and it was so incredibly easy! All you need is a hammer. 


Use Painter’s Tape If Unsure

I get so many questions about how I decide where to hang frames. I’m a very visual person so I usually just lay my frames on the ground and then start hanging. I know that seems crazy to some of you but it’s worked for me thus far 😉 If that doesn’t work for you, painter’s tape is a great solution. It’s easy to stick and remove and you can block off different size frames places and step back and see what you think!


Tape Your Photos Down

I know it seems like a silly step but I can’t tell you how annoying it it is to walk by a frame and see one of your photos slipped off center. I just use tiny pieces of tape to secure everything!


Use Double Sided Tape To Get Your Frames Flush

My Target frames all lay completely flush against the wall but some of my fine art frames poke out a bit. I usually use double sided tape to secure them so they don’t budge. 


Don’t Worry About The Wall!

You will likely be able to cover any incorrect nail holes with a frame and I always buff out any scratches or scuffs with a magic eraser when I’m done! 







If I missed anything, just leave your questions in the comments! 



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