shortalls y’all.

Jul 28, 2014







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what’s more appropriate for a road trip home to kentucky than shortalls? nothing.

you know i loved wearing overalls during the fall here & was equally swooned by shortalls sprouting up with the warmer weather. since i’m not convinced these pieces will last me more than one season i decided to DIY my long overalls into short ones.

i snagged these back in the winter months at forever 21 for $20 and have now made two looks out of them (pat myself on the back) i was having a hard time finding a pair that were long and loose enough so i solved that by making my own. i just threw them on and marked the length i liked and cut a little below there. that way i could take them off, trim them up, & distress them with some scissors. just hold the scissors at an angle and run them over the edges to create that distressed feel.

i paired them with a classic stripe tee from J.Crew & my go-to summer Superga sneaks. it was perfect to roam around the new area of louisville and pop in some cute shops. this Longchamp bag was a gift from my mother & i love how i can throw everything in it. i have had the bright orange version for so long and that baby has seen me through dental school and still goes to work with me everyday. any piece that can last that long is a gem in my book!

lately, i’ve been trying to find ways to throw my hair up that are easy and quick. with humid weather there is no point in trying to achieve non frizzy hair so i decided to braid a tiny piece to the side and throw it in a bun and head out the door! in the next weeks i’m going to try to master a milkbraid and i’ll let you know how it goes (probably not well)

hope you have a good monday & let me know how you’re feeling about the shortalls trend?




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  1. Shabnam says:

    You’re definitely rocking them that’s for sure!

    xx Shabnam