Salmon Stir Fry Bowls

Apr 27, 2022


Good morning! 

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a recipe over here and sometimes I forget these ‘no recipe’ recipes are the ones you all come back and look for the most. I am trying to do a better job at saving everything to my ‘Eats’ highlight but feel free to search the recipe tab here on the blog for more!

I originally saw this Baked Salmon Sushi Bowl from The Defined Dish which inspired me to make salmon for dinner last week. I loved the marinade she used on her salmon and baked mine about the same amount of time but then broiled it on high for an extra 5 minutes to get the glaze a little crispy. 

Since I didn’t have the rest of her ingredients on hand and a little spice sounded good to me, I tossed the salmon over brown rice and added some veggies. The frozen brown rice packets from Trader Joe’s are the best and you can just toss them in the microwave for 3 minutes. 

I also had the frozen stir fry vegetables bag from TJ’ sin my freezer so I used that with some fresh sliced mushrooms I picked up and tossed in a some olive oil, coconut aminos and salt and pepper. I layered with a little avocado, sriracha and sesame seeds and it was so delicious! 

I served the kids separated out: salmon, avocado, veggies and they loved it too! 

Hope you enjoy! 



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