6 Things I Love Right Now

May 3, 2022

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week starting off? It is DERBY WEEK here in Louisville so I will be a little MIA the rest of this week. Trevor was able to get this Oaks/Derby off work which means it likely won’t happen again for another 4 years so we are taking advantage and heading to Oaks with some friends. If you aren’t local, this city transforms during Derby Week with so many festivities, fun things for the kids, and the energy is just high! 

I did want to start the week off with some fun things from around the web and if you are new here, I share these installments every so often of articles, podcasts, pieces that are bringing me joy! You are always welcome to leave yours below too. 



Mouth to Mouth

I shared an update on Stories but I finished this last week and liked it but didn’t love it like everyone else did. It follows the story of two old acquaintances bumping into each other and is told entirely by a narrator. The narrator is actually a writer who is relaying the story as it was told to them! I actually really liked the way the story was told and enjoyed the book just wasn’t blown away. It’s a great quick read for a trip! 



Etsy Luggage Tag

Another piece I shared on stories last week! How cute is this $5 sticker? I always have a hard time eyeing my suitcase since it’s a black hard case which is quite common and thought this was so fun. You can choose from a ton of colors and sizes and they adhere to most surfaces! Mine is 2.5″ and Nude & White. 



What to Cook When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking

I bookmarked this article a few weeks ago because I have been burnt out and uninspired in the kitchen and this reminded me that simple meals are the best and I need to bring egg sandwiches back into my dinner rotation!


Normal Gossip

I am generally a true crime podcast kind of lady but this sparked my interest and I’ve really enjoyed it. Host Kelsey McKinney brings on a different guest in each episode, typically drafted from her pool of media friends and acquaintances, with whom she briefly starts off by discussing gossip in the abstract before shifting into a mode where she delivers to that person a juicy piece of gossip. But here’s the thing: The gossip is from — and about — perfectly ordinary strangers. Try it out and let me know what you think!


Selling Sunset

Listen, I know this may not be real but I can not get enough. I binged this newest season in a week and thought it brought every ounce of drama that the first did. I am TBD on the new realtor Chelsea and truly can’t stand Christine but I also wish someone would lay into her! Are you watching? 


Ancient Clay Mask

You all know I love a good mask, this Versed find has proven to be one of my favorite and feels exactly like the much pricier Tata Resurfacing Mask. So, I stumbled upon this in Target and have been loving it. I use a brush to paint it on and feel like it clears my pores. 




Hope you all have a great week ahead! 


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