Protein Packed Pancakes

May 28, 2021


Good morning! 

Is everyone ready for the long weekend? I know I am. Trevor is off work everyday but Sunday and we have a fun cookout with the kids planned and I may even sneak in a girls night tonight 😉 I had posted a few videos of us making our usual pancakes on Instagram a few weeks ago in partnership with Our Place and had a few questions about what mix we use. 

We generally love Kodiak Cakes and I make their pancakes, muffins and more all the time. However, since Zahra has been eating with us and sharing all the food I’ve gone back to the kid’s protein pancakes I used to make for Zain when he started solids. They are super easy to throw together, don’t have any added sugar and provide a lot of protein. They taste great and we ate them all the time so it’s not just a ‘kid’s meal’ if you know what I mean! 

A few tips I’ve shared before but they make these better: 

  • Use coconut oil! It really does get the perfect crisp on your pancake while still leaving the inside soft and fluffy. 
  • Make sure your banana is ripe and easy to smash. 
  • I think you could use any type of flour but I’ve only tried with traditional and the white whole wheat. We generally have King Arthur’s on hand and like it! 




1 ripe banana

2 eggs

2 tablespoons white whole wheat flour

1 tablespoon milk (I use 2%)



  1. In a bowl, mash your banana first. Then add the 2 eggs and mix until combined.


  2. Next, add in your flour and milk and mix till combined. Should look just like your normal pancake batter, maybe a touch chunkier.
  4. Serve with an fruit or toppings you like! I always tear up Zahra’s and serve them plain and Zain liked a little maple syrup with his.


Hope you are able to enjoy some delicious pancakes this weekend! 






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