How To Wear Similar Colors Well

Jan 22, 2020

pink midi skirt

Turtleneck: Macy’s – I love the fit and stretch of this turtleneck. | Midi Skirt: Macy’s – so flattering, elastic waist and on sale! | Heels: Manolo Blahnik – similar | Lips: Ilia | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban




Did everyone have a good long weekend

It kind of snuck up on me but after going back to our routine and schedule post holidays I have to say I was thrilled to have the day off with Zain. I also have lots to update you on potty training wise but that’s for a whole separate post 😉 

I had shared a brief picture of this outfit last week but wanted to give you a full peek and all the details on it! If you haven’t noticed, midi skirts have become my best friend. I was a fan before and they have lovingly been my best friend so far this pregnancy. I can pull them up right over my emerging bump, tuck a top in so I still have a waist and actually be comfortable! The thought of wearing jeans this time around has completely turned me off and I’m just counting down the days till it’s warm again so I can live in dresses and skirts. 

I stumbled across this one while I was browsing in Macy’s a few weeks ago before my event and fell in love. It has an elastic waistband, is incredibly soft and is on sale for $30! I didn’t need much more convincing. I generally size up in skirts but this one actually fit great in my normal size so I would recommend staying TTS. 

As soon as I saw the color I knew I wanted to do some kind of combo with red. It’s no secret that I love a monochromatic look but I also love a shaded look just as much. I think pairing two similar shades is always chic as long as you stick to a few tricks. Mix the textures so it’s intentional and not a mismatched set, keep the lines clean and structured and I usually try to keep the shoe neutral. 

Some of my favorites are camel and chocolate brown, pink and red, red and orange and a emerald and light green. I promise you will not look wild 😉

Hope you are all easing back into your week! 


pink midi skirt

valentines day outfit

louisville fashion blogger

pink and red outfit


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