My First Trimester

Jan 24, 2020


Baby bump spotted much sooner than last time 😉

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Good morning friends! 

Hope everyone’s week is going well and at least we can all be thankful the weekend is here. This week has been a bit of a busy one but aren’t short week’s always? 

It still feels a bit surreal that the news is out since we’ve been keeping it hush for so long but as you can see I am definitely showing and hiding the bump was getting harder and harder. I thought I would share a little peek into how my first trimester went by answering some of your questions!



When are you due? End of June


How did you feel? My first trimester was AWFUL sickness wise. I still feel like it’s lingering around but overall I vomited at least once a day, had terrible nausea, felt flu like for days on end and had a few instances where I just couldn’t do anything. I’m sure having a toddler makes it harder but man this time around has been worlds different than when I was pregnant with Zain.

There were a few instances when I thought I must have pneumonia and need to go to the hospital but would wake up the next morning feeling fine. I guess my ‘morning sickness’ was really evening sickness. I also never had an issue with work when I was pregnant with Zain and doing dentistry was rough this time around. I left my chair many times and ginger candies seemed to help a tiny bit. 


Any cravings? I haven’t really enjoyed food in some time but am finally coming around to it. I mostly survived on carbohydrates like plain baked potatoes, bagels, chicken noodle soup and saltines. Anytime I was feeling good and attempted to eat something I loved, I got sick. I learned to stay away from heavy food and eat a lot of smaller meals. Fruit and cold juices were the only things I craved and weirdly I had no interest in chocolate which I normally have every night 😉


How are the hormones? You know, I actually felt a bit more even this time around. The first ten weeks I was still on IVF medications so I think that amplified things but overall I seemed more at peace. 


Did you ever take any medicine? I am always super paranoid about not wanting to take anything while pregnant. Luckily, I haven’t had to yet and am hoping to make it through the rest of cold and flu season healthy. 


Are you drinking coffee? Yes. I drink one cup of 1/2 caff every morning! I’m not a huge caffeine person and more so enjoy the ritual of a hot cup of coffee in the morning. 


Are you working out? I am now but didn’t much in the first trimester since I didn’t feel well. My doctor cleared me to do anything I was doing previous to pregnancy so I have been attending my normal workout classes and running occasionally when I feel up to it. While I was still on the IVF meds and feeling really sick, working out was the last thing on my mind. 

I have also been getting a lot of questions on pregnancy workouts and what I recommend. I suggest everyone talk to their doctor individually because I am definitely no expert and what may be okay for one of us may not be for the rest so I just want to proceed with caution. 


Any weird changes? Just the normal expansion everywhere especially in my chest which I loathe…


What are your reading? Nothing about babies ha! I am really hoping that this time around will be more relaxed and less anxiety producing since we’ve done it before. We’ve done very little to prepare but I kept most of Zain’s things and hope to not need much this time around. I do want to get started on the room in the next few weeks though. At least brainstorming 🙂


Have you relaxed yet? I think so! Chasing after a toddler will have you forget about your worries a lot quicker and with each doctor’s visit comes a bit more confidence. I will say at my last OB in Chicago I had an ultrasound at each visit and at my current doctor that’s not the case. I haven’t seen the baby since 8 1/2 weeks and am very ready for that 20 week scan. 


When will you tell the gender? Next week! It’s not an intentional delay I just really haven’t had time to get it all together. WIth Zain potty training and then both of us having colds, we’ve been scattered. I have it on my to do list for next week! 


Things you can’t live without? I haven’t really dived into maternity life yet and am still surviving with what I have on hand but I expanded on a few products I have been using religiously below! 



Thank you again for all your love and support. I am happy to mostly be out of the weeds and excited to bring you all some amazing content this year! 



I have been using this serum since before we started IVF and just ordered it again! It’s a safe and clean alternative to retinol and really works. 

I am someone who is genetically inclined to stretch marks. I have them from a growth spurt in high school so I was shocked when I didn’t get any with my last pregnancy. I have been using this and it seems to work well! 

My leggings from last time were pretty run down so I bought these a few months ago and love them! I’ve just been folding down the belly part but love how they fit and the stretch. 

I’ve had this forever but use it every morning more religiously now. It really feels amazing pregnant! 

I didn’t use one of these last time, I just had a wedge but it’s been a game changer so far. My belly isn’t that large but sleeping hasn’t been easy and this has felt so good! 

This is the same tank I lived in last pregnancy and will be again! I love this brand for pregnancy finds and this works with jeans, leggings, cardigans and really anything!


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