How To Pick The Right Bra During Pregnancy And Beyond

Mar 7, 2017

pregnancy bra shopping


Bras, bras, and more bras.

We all know how daunting shopping for bras can be and I’m happy to say I’m still loving the ThirdLove ones I shared with you guys earlier this year. I talked about how easy and carefree the process wasthe at home app sizer, the various styles and especially the half sizes! Well, now that I’m pregnant it seems to be even more of a lifesaver.

Trying to pick the right bra is near impossible during pregnancy. Your size will change several times throughout the nine months and there will be days where the thought of even putting one on seems like a challenge. The bra bulge, the itchiness, and don’t get me started on the painful straps.

Once I entered my second trimester, I knew I needed an adjustment. I was so excited to see that ThirdLove added some new styles, including the wireless bra! I have been living in it these days and the size tool helped me decide on the right fit before ordering. The half sizes have been a lifesaver and for anyonepregnant or notthat has always felt in between a size, this is the perfect solution!


A couple tips when shopping:


Don’t buy the fancy ones! Unlike before, when I chose almost all lace and demi cups this is not the time for accessories. The sensitivity will go back and forth, but having anything touching you that isn’t a soft silk may make your skin crawl. I ordered the wireless bra along with the lace and non lace version of the t shirt bra and have been loving them all!


When in doubt, order up: If you still feel like the in between size isn’t giving you enough room, order up! You will undoubtedly grow into it and if you are like me and avoiding nursing bras for as long as possible this will give you a bit more time.


Experiment with color: Since you will likely be sticking to the basics when it comes to fit and shape, have fun with color! Making yourself feel special and beautiful is still the #1 priority, so try something new. I loved the deep hue of this clay color and it made the everyday bra seem a bit more exciting!


If you haven’t tried the service yet, I can’t recommend it enough. The new neutrals line is so pretty and I have heard from lots of new mommies that they are still loving the brand!


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third love bras



This post was sponsored by Third Love. As always, thank you for supporting brands that make Lows to Luxe possible!


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  1. I stopped buying the “cute” underwear a few years ago and decided it was time to grow and stop spending $50 on a pair of briefs that lasted a few months, haha. And now I’m more than happy to get undies and socks for a gift form my parents, where as when I was a youngin’ I hated it. Crazy how things change as we get older!

  2. Tiffani at Breton Bay says:

    I haven’t used the service but have heard great things about them. Definitely need to look into this. Now that I am done having babies…my tatas could definitely used some love 😉


    • Haha, I understand that! I am in a random Chicago mom’s group on Facebook and someone had asked about the best bra brands to help after babies and so many women had said Third Love so it made me even more excited to use them after delivery! Let me know how you like them if you try it out 🙂

  3. Rachel says:

    Trying out Third Love, right. now. Love wireless bras!

    Rachel /

  4. Heather says:

    GREAT tips! Thank you xoxo

  5. Kayleigh says:

    Definitely will have to keep these tips in mind in the future!

  6. These bras are so cute, and look comfy too! xx

  7. Stefanie Eadie says:

    I’ve heard about Third Love! I’m currently pregnant and need of new bras so I’ll definiitely have to check this out! xo Stefanie /

  8. Bra fitting is so tricky!! What a great post. I learned something new!

  9. Planning to pass this on to a friend who is expecting 🙂 I’ve been hearing so much about Third Love lately. I will have to check them out!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  10. Such great advice! Picking the right bra is so important – we sometimes don’t realize how much it matters to have a proper fit. I’ll be passing this along to my pregnant friends!


  11. Sara says:

    If I have a hard time finding the right bra now, I don’t know how hard it will be when I’m pregnant! Totally saving this post for later!

    xo, Sara

  12. Allena Rissa says:

    This is totally relatable. I do think that wearing very soft bras during such a sensitive time is ideal! Thanks for this post! Will keep it bookmarked for future references.