Sprucing Up Our Space

Jun 7, 2016

desk gallery wall

Remember when I said I was trying to learn to decorate slowly but surely so I would add the right pieces? Well, I’m happy to say it has worked out well. After finishing up the Palm Springs gallery wall in our ‘office’ I felt like it need a tiny bit of excitement and color to match me and some type of storage option.

I wanted to keep the counter clean but with no drawers in my desk (intentional because I would just fill them with junk – self awareness people) I needed some type of storage. I decided to check out some of the pieces on Fab.com since they usually carry really fun and unique pieces and immediately found this Tribeca Bud Vase. I knew I wanted it and the colors were absolutely perfect with my wall art.

After that I was on the hunt for some pretty storage and had my eye on these wire baskets at a local store. I loved that they had this shade on Fab.com so I could mix metals in the area. I used to love keeping metal colors the same and uniform but now it looks better to me to have a mixture in a space.

This crate was the perfect size to fit my papers and accessories I may need on hand. They come in a few different sizes so you could always size up for your needs or just add a few in a row. It was perfect to fit under my desk and love the way it pulled everything together.

shirleah bud vase

shirleah bud vase

gold basket organizer

gold desk storage basket

desk gallery wall

shirleah bud vase

desk gallery wall

How do you guys keep your space tidy? Have you checked out Fab before?


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  1. Lord knows I need some help getting my space(s) organized, BUT I did get a filing cabinet for my desk area at home. Slowly, but surely getting my life together.

  2. Love this space! those little baskets are perfect for storing stuff and I love the vase!

  3. Stephanie A says:

    Love it – with a workspace like this i expect to see a lot more blog posts in the future 😉

  4. Still don’t understand how you’re so organized haha!! SO JEALOUS. Loveeeeee your space. Guys, it’s even better in person!


    Kelly | Kelly in the City

  5. Maggie says:

    I am in love with your gallery wall! Such a cute theme!

    -Maggie http://www.thatgirlmags.com