Our Holiday Table Decor

Nov 13, 2021

Good morning! 

How is everyone’s weekend going? Today’s post is a quick one but I had shared a story series walking through our holiday table decor and have been receiving questions on it since so figured I would share a quick breakdown and all the pieces I used! 

We love to host over the holidays and for some reason this year I seem to be in the holiday spirit even earlier. I don’t think we will get our trees up before Thanksgiving but I have plans to hang our garland and go ahead and decorate the mantles this weekend. You only get a couple months of holiday cheer and something about having kids running around the house makes it seem more joyful for them to enjoy. 


Details here


We always end up hosting something over the holidays whether it’s just a cocktail night or dinner so this year I decided to step up my game and invest in a few pieces I could use long term. A few tips and tricks to use:


Decide on a color theme and build off that 

I knew I wanted to go dark and moody since our dining room has that vibe! I thought deep reds and browns with a lighter ceramic white plate would really pop!


Don’t overthink it

I know some people prefer a grand table setting but I’m all about simplicity there. A beautiful placemat, plate, napkin and cutlery combo always looks great and if you want to add something extra a pine cone is an affordable and cute way to make a placecard holder!


Use more for your centerpiece than you think

I ordered more than I thought I would need just to be safe and just returned what didn’t work. You want the center to feel full and festive! I will layer each category and then just play around with the pieces till it looks just right. I start with candlesticks, then garland, than glass candles and finally any little touches you want to add! These twisted candles really make a statement for $5 and I can’t recommend them enough. 


Light the candles and turn on the music

It’s really that simple! Hope this inspires you to create something fun this holiday and Pinterest is another great place to browse for inspo if you are looking. 





Happy Holidays friends!


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