Our Holiday Mantle & Front Door Decor

Nov 12, 2021

Good morning!

HAPPY FRIDAY! I have the day off today and am excited to spend a little one on one time with Zahra. I tried to get most of my work out of the way last night so I can be present with her today and I am excited to take her to the Science Center for the first time. It’s wild to think she has never been since by this age Zain had been a million times but that’s a Covid baby for you. Hopefully she will love it and we can grab a little lunch afterwards before nap time. 

As for today’s post, who is ready for some holiday spirit? I ordered garland and a few decor pieces last week and was so excited to get a few things hung this weekend. I am generally a ‘wait till after Thanksgiving’ kind of person but for some reason this year I am fully ready to bring on the holidays. I don’t think we will be breaking out our trees quite yet but I did want to get our front door situated and things up on a few of our mantle’s. 

We normally use live garland for both our front door and stairway but with Zahra fully on the move and into everything, I decided to go faux hence the new arrivals. I will hopefully be sharing a Reel tomorrow on how I plan to configure them but figured I would share the details here since I know things are selling out!

I also shared a lot of our other holiday decor in this post and almost always use these command hooks to hang things!


I purchased 3 of these for our front door! They are 9 ft long and battery operated which is a HUGE plus. Last year we strung lights around our live garland but it was kind of a pain to rope the wiring so I’m glad to have something wireless. I loved the design and it looks like it’s still on sale! 

I love an antique gold or mustard ribbon and this is what I ordered this year! I have some traditional red velvet I’ll use around the house but this will be a pretty accent for the stair rail and front door.

We bought this wreath a few years ago and I’m so glad they still carry it. It looks so beautiful especially for the price!

This is the XL garland I ordered for the stairs! It’s much larger and so full so I think it will look great in the entryway. I prefer something without lights there so this was perfect! 

This is the thinner garland I ordered for our mantle that is pre-lit. I am planning on stringing the white bells below over it this year! 

Are these white bells not adorable? I loved them and thought they would be a cute way to add texture to the garland that I could use in a new way next year!

I snagged 3 of these smaller wreaths to hang in our kitchen windows with some red velvet ribbon and command hooks! 

Okay, I have tried with the real plants many times and finally gave up. I love this brand, their stuff always looks so natural and I am going to remove the plots and fit into my planters! 


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