Our Front Porch Refresh

Apr 4, 2022

Outdoor Chairs | BW Outdoor Rug | Wicker Ottoman | Fluted Ceramic Planter – Large & Small | Faux Plants | Throw Pillow | Acrylic Pitcher | Acrylic Glasses | Mini Colander


Good morning! 

How is everyone doing? We are currently en route to Charleston for Spring Break but I wanted to share all the details on our Front Porch refresh here. I am always so flattered and thrilled to work with World Market since I have been a loyal customer and fan since I can remember and because I love being creative with interior design and creating beautiful spaces with them that are an accessible price. 

This post is not at all sponsored, we worked together on this morning’s Reel (make sure you check it out!) but I just thought a permanent spot for this was deserved. I shared a few tips on making small spaces feel cozier and not overcrowded in my Reel but wanted to shed some back story on why I chose these specific pieces. 

First up, the chairs! Our previous chairs here were also from World Market a few years prior and have held up great. I actually just moved them to our backyard where we needed more seating and they matched the decor. I decided to go dark up here after many of my light cushions have been stained despite using covers and trying my hardest. I love that this dark charcoal doesn’t show stains and is so easy to maintain. 

Second, let’s talk about this gorgeous ottoman/coffee table. Another piece that I was constantly having to clean out here! I actually moved my previous side table inside and love that this outdoor texture is light, doesn’t require any upkeep, and looks great! It can also act as a footrest or extra seating and the kids love it. 

I also added a few new planters since my previous lanterns had seen better days and needed to be tossed. These are significant size and weight! The one pictured is the ‘small’ and the large is actually on it’s way to join. 








Hope this insight was helpful and as someone who has always stood by World Market and their quality, I don’t think you can go wrong with their outdoor pieces. Let me know if you have any questions! 


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