Nordstrom Anniversary Men’s & Kids Favorites

Jul 17, 2019

nordstrom anniversary sale mens and kids

Their matching jackets never get old 😉


Good morning! 

I am not going to lie, I am a bit #NSale’d out haha. I was actually pleasantly surprised this year and thought the selection was way better than the previous year. I know there was a lot of buzz about certain contemporary brands not being involved but from my perspective I was never someone who shopped this sale for designer goods. I usually buy things like sweater, coats, and denim and have found decent luck in the past 10 years doing so. 

Since some of you requested a kid’s and men’s post, I decided to group them together into one post but break them down separately. I only included products and clothing Zain and/or Trevor own or use. Shopping for kids and guys can be tricky so I didn’t want to include anything I hadn’t personally tried. 

The kid’s section didn’t blow me away but had a great few pieces. Several pricier items we have for Zain are included like his high chair and winter coats. We have used his chair since he was able to eat and it sits perfectly up against our dining table for family dinners. It may be my most recommended item period so this discount is a great buy. I also love our car seat and although this is a different model the brand is amazing and it washes just as easily. His winter jackets are always a bit of an investment but they are incredibly warm, usually last me more than one year and work with car seats since the down is packable. 





As far as men’s, Trevor didn’t get anything this year but stocked up last year and a lot of it is the same. My #1 recommendation is probably these dress pants I ordered him that he loves! He wears them for work or weekend and they fit really well. He also grabbed a Barbour jacket last year that he used a ton during the fall and winter and they have his fleece on sale. 





Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to shoot them over! 


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