My Newborn & Postpartum Essentials

Jul 9, 2020


Good morning friends! 

How is everyone? I know it’s been a little bit since we’ve been on a regular schedule here on the blog but all in all we doing pretty well. I wanted to pop on quickly and answer a few questions I’ve been getting a lot over on Instagram!

I have a few tried and true favorites from when I had Zain and a couple new things I feel like we couldn’t live without. Let me know if you have questions about any of them and thank you again for all the love and support 🙂 



Lotus Bassinet Attachment

Our pack and play bassinet attachment has been great again this time around. It’s the same system we used with Zain and I like that it sits up so high, has the option to rock if desperate and converts so easily. I really tried to resist the urge to get anything that moves the baby on it’s own last time and I think it helped us with Zain’s sleep training so hoping this time goes as smoothly. 


Snuggle Me Organic

We used the Dock a Tot last time with Zain and had no complaints but I had given it away after he grew out of it so decided to try the Snuggle Me Organic and cover this time around. I will say this one seems a bit smaller. She was only around 7 pounds and seems to fill it up pretty well so I’m not sure how much use we will get out of it. They are just so nice to let them lay in during the day!


Baby Clothes

She has mostly been living in hand me downs and Zain’s old sleepers but I did purchase a few gowns from Lou Lou and Company that have been amazing! As far as favorite baby retailers my go to’s for girls clothing are H&M and The Tot. I’m sure I will stumble on more brands I like as she gets older and will be sure to put together a post on them! 


Baby Bath

I remember being so annoyed with the lotus bath we had purchased for Zain that I threw it in the dumpster outside our place 😉 I ended up purchasing this Angelcare Bath this time around and we love it! It’s so easy to move, keeps the baby secure, isn’t too pricey and seems like it will hold up well. 



We are using the same swaddles that I did with Zain and a new one! Our favorites are the Swaddle Me Swaddles and the Love To Dream! I didn’t try the Love To Dream swaddle with Zain till later on last time and he loved being able to have his arms up. Also, a new addition which my friend Rachel gave to me is the Ollie Swaddle and we have loved it so far! 


Baby Bouncer

We had this same Baby Bjorn bouncer with Zain and he unfortunately didn’t like It that much 😉 Luckily, Zahra seems to be far less picky and loves laying there watching her brother and playing with this bar.



We debated for a very long time about what double stroller to get and ultimately went with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT. It fit through doors, was easy to maneuver and worked well on rugged terrain. We live in a park and do a lot of hikes and walks so wanted something that could hold up. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a car seat adapter that works with ours so I have just been using our Uppababy Cruz and Mesa car seat combo and having Zain ride his scooter. Once she is old enough to sit in the stroller I will start using the double! 



I don’t have a ton of accesories but my friend Rachel was the guru of headbands and turbans and I was lucky enough to inherit her hand me downs. Most of what she has is Baby Bling and they are SO CUTE. 



I used Dr.Brown’s exclusively with Zain and have been using those along with these Boon bottles with Zahra. Zain seemed to have more of a reflux problem than she does and the Boon bottles are a little easier to clean and softer. 




We mostly used the WubbaNub with Zain and bought a brand new one for Zahra as well but I’ve also been trying out these new Bibs pacifiers and liking them!



I also shared most of my favorite maternity and postpartum favorites in this post but as far as things that are immediately helpful after coming home, I have a few favorites. Tuck’s Cooling Pads (make sure to keep them cold in your fridge), Dermoplast Spray, Earth Mama Nipple Butter and my Water Cup!


I hope that covers most of it and if you have any other questions feel free to reach out! Hope you are all having an amazing week! 


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  1. Laura says:

    Such a random question, but what sheets did you use for the Lotus bassinet? I know they have sheets on the lotus website but I’ve also seen some on amazon that claim to fit it as well? Thanks so much!!