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Jan 19, 2022



Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I truly cannot believe we are halfway through January and in ANOTHER winter with Covid. I’m so burned out by it and I know you all are probably feeling the same way. Trying to remain hopeful that it will calm down soon and we can all enjoy a break. 

Today’s post is short and sweet but I have been receiving some DM’s about my jewelry and I truly wear the same few pieces every single day so I thought it would be best to round them up here. If you have any questions at just let me know!





Parker Paperclip Necklace: I bought this over a year ago and it took me a while to click purchase. I thought it was a little pricey for costume jewelry but I take back everything I ever thought 😉 I have honestly not gone a day without wearing it and it’s held up so well and still looks brand new. I love the easy on/off clasp! Also available here.


Tennis Necklace: I bought this about a month or so ago to layer with my gold paperclip necklace and love it. It’s under $30 so I don’t worry about traveling with it and I have the 17″! 





Gold Huggies: I own these in the solid version and stone and love them both! I have owned the stone version for almost 2 years and they have held up great. 


Bubble Huggies: These are a newer buy and I love them! A little warmer gold than my other huggies but they look great together. 





ABLE Caesar Ring: I love ABLE’s jewelry and think it’s perfectly simple and beautiful. I love wearing this on it’s own or stacked with my wedding band.



Hope you all have an amazing week! 




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