4 Things I’m Glad I Included In Our Kitchen Renovation

Jan 17, 2022



Good morning! 

How is everyone’s week going? I wanted to expand a bit on the Reel I shared this morning and have a permanent place for you all to find these details! I thought it would be a fun idea to share a few things I find myself really happy with when it comes to our kitchen remodel. I know somewhere along the way I asked you all your favorite thing in your kitchen and the answers were so insightful for me so I thought this could be helpful! 



Custom Knife & Spice Drawer

Having custom inserts was really important to me and I’m so happy with how they turned out! I ordered this spice shelf, spice bottles, cutlery insert and knife insert on my own and had my contractor cut them to fit on the last day. I noted the spice shelf early on and made sure I had a drawer that would fit it exactly and the others were cut to fit. It makes opening your drawers so much more seamless and everything is able to stay organized. Previously, I felt like I had so much crammed in each space. I have all of these and my utensil set so many of you loved saved in my Amazon Shop under the ‘Around The House’ tab!



Bridge Faucet with Sprayer

I contemplated this for a long time because the thought of 4 custom holes being cut into our stone was nerve wracking but we love it so much. The sprayer and faucet is probably the one thing Trevor comments on all the time! I love the height and easy of the faucet and the side sprayer is perfect! I originally ordered this Rejuvenation Faucet but it continued to get delayed so I ended up going with this Signature Hardware Faucet and like it SO MUCH more. It’s also much more affordable! Our Kohler sink was also a last minute purchase because of shipment delays but we love it so much and the silicone mat it comes with is everything. 



Pot Filler

Okay, this was something I always loved the look of but wasn’t sold on originally. That is until I polled you all and the #1 answer submitted was pot filler and I have to say I use it all the time. It’s so convenient and I love having it! 



Hidden Coffee Bar

This was one of the first things we knew we wanted to do and I am thankful for it everyday! We totally changed the layout and dynamic of this space and I love how the clutter and business can be hidden. 




I am working on a full blog post with all of our kitchen details and the renovation process currently and it should hopefully be live by the end of this month! For now, you can always reference my ‘Kitchen’ highlight on Instagram and I linked our hardware and lighting below! 







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