My Current Reading List

Aug 19, 2019

my current reading list

Sandals: Steven (more Steven here)


Morning from the Chicago airport! 

I had the most fabulous time catching up with my girlfriends this past weekend but I am more than ready to get home to my family and get organized before work tomorrow. Today’s post is a new installment of my reading list and if you missed my last one, you can check it out here! I have read almost everything from that post and recommend them all for different reasons. 

A few weeks ago, Zain and I were headed to our local bookstore so I asked you all for any reads you had loved lately. and once you again you all delivered. I rounded up all your recommendations below and my only caveat would be to listen to Born A Crime as an audiobook if you can. Trevor Noah narrates it and we loved listening to him read it. As far as my haul, I picked up 3 new books myself! I am currently reading Tell Me Everything and also grabbed Three Women and Lock Every Door so will keep you updated on those. 







Hope you are all having a great start to your week!



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