12 Books To Add To Your Reading List

Apr 17, 2019

2019 Reading List

Anything better than reading outside in the sun?


This might be one of my favorite blog posts this month and I think I will be doing them more often! I don’t usually share my current reads over on Instagram and I’m not sure why. After sharing my current reads recently you guys had so many good recommendations for me and I kept getting asked what I was reading next. I used to be a huge bookworm and somehow had let that passion fall by the wayside. It was my escape from school books back in the day and I found myself missing it a lot lately. 

Trevor and I have been making an effort to put our phones away when we are home with Zain but that doesn’t always work because I love taking videos and pictures of him. Before we go to bed at night I look through them and bug Trevor to also 😉 Besides the time we really set aside for social media we have been trying to make an effort to spend our time doing more constructive things. Not only for us but also for Zain . I don’t want him seeing me constantly on my phone or having the TV on. In just the past couple months when we have been spending our downtime reading he has mimicked and done the same. When he get’s bored with his books he will usually bug us or play with his toys but it’s keep us all more present. 

If you can’t tell I love a good thriller but am excited about reading Educated next! 





I’ve already a good amount of these since I made this list a month or so ago but can’t wait to get through the rest! If you have any must read’s please let them in the comments below and if you are ever looking for something new I love reading Grace Atwood’s and the girls from Somewhere Lately’s reviews. 


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