The Best Of Mother’s Day Gifts

Apr 29, 2020


Good morning!

I can’t believe we are already half way through this week. Sometimes it feels like these days are creeping by and then I realize it’s already May and we would have been celebrating Derby this weekend. It’s wild to think how different life was just a few months ago and how quickly we have all been thrown into this new normal. 

I had honestly forgotten that Mother’s Day was coming up until my sweet friends over at Alice and Wonder sent me the cutest package! I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure all mom’s deserve some extra love this year so I thought I would round up a few things that could make great gifts.



ONE: Elemis Cleansing BalmTWO: Gua Sha SetTHREE: Yeti MugFOUR: Gold EarringsFIVE: Dyson V10 VacuumSIX: Gold BraceletSEVEN: MAMA CandleEIGHT: Silk PillowcaseNINE: ToteTEN: Waterproof Slides



I included some of my personal favorites like this Cleansing Balm and Gua Sha set! Both are staples in my morning and night time skincare routine and nothing feels more luxurious than a cleansing balm. Trust me. 

I also recently purchased this Dyson V10 since it was $100 off and can not recommend it enough! It is honestly life changing. I don’t know if it’s the quarantine getting to me but it’s so light, holds it’s charge long enough for me to cover our whole house and works so well. I decided to go with the highest model because I had heard some of the lower ones have shorter battery times. I didn’t want to spend a fortune so I opted for the refurbished option and can not even tell it’s ever been used before. It comes with a 60 day guarantee and has an option for an extended warranty but I didn’t purchase that. I have several friends who have bought refurbished items from Dyson and have never had any issues so I felt pretty confident with it!

I also just purchased this Silk Pillowcase for myself for Mother’s Day because I’ve been wanting one for ages and it was 25% off with code FORYOU if you are a Platinum or Gold member. I am usually a stomach sleeper (when not pregnant) or side sleeper so I’m hoping this helps a little bit. 

I also just saw my Barefoot Dreams blanket is back in stock and 50% off and highly recommend! We have three around our house and it’s all we use on the couch. I decided to get these for my mom and MIL for Christmas this year and think it’s the best present I’ve ever given them since I see them constantly in use. If you check and it’s sold out, I would just check back every so often since they tend to go in and out so quickly! 





Hope that helps with a few ideas if you are looking and I hope you are all surviving week 7…or 8? Not sure 😉 



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