Mothers Day Gifts Women Actually Want

May 4, 2017


With my own impending entrance into motherhood, I thought quite a bit about this post. I know I’ve said it before, but whether you are a mom or not I think it’s a great holiday to celebrate the women in your life. I know when we were struggling to conceive, it wasn’t the easiest holiday for me and Trevor always made sure to get me something little and pamper me a bit on that day. Make sure to reach out to your friends and family and try to include everybody!

I’m also very excited because this is the first time you guys are seeing this new ‘Shop’ feature on my site. It may not seem that exciting but I am so pumped about it and think it will make things a lot easier around here. I’m working on some other tweaks for the site before my maternity leave so be sure to let me know how you like the new feature and anything else on the site you would like to see!

Okay, back to the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I have recently bought or been using most of these products for a while now so trust me when I say they are a good idea. The one thing included that is geared for new mommies is this cute diaper backpack. I am sold on a backpack since I would rather be hands free with the baby and I want something Trevor won’t mind carrying either. Do you guys have any good suggestions or brands you have liked? 

This year should be extra special not only because it will be my first Mother’s Day expecting but we are having a fun family get together in the suburbs. My aunt from India is going to be here, my parents are coming up, and my cousins are in town! It will be so nice to see everyone on Saturday for a cookout and then on Sunday we are taking my mom to brunch at Dixie to spoil her a little! Have you guys been? Favorite menu picks? 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week and check back Friday for a fun life update!



How cute is this sweatshirt? I think everyone needs one regardless if you are a mom. I ordered true to size on this but if you like things oversized, size up! 

Every woman enjoys a good candle like she enjoys a good bath. Usually, I hesitate to spend a ton on them because I burn through them so quick but this 3 wick lasts forever!

I just got these for our trip to Arizona and love the light material for summer. Plus, they’re on sale! 

I use this bag everyday and can’t recommend it enough. It’s really stood the test of time!

I got a sample of this last time I was in the store and then used it obsessively so decided to go back and buy it. I like the roller the best because I feel like it lasts forever and I don’t waste it!

I mean, who doesn’t want a soft bath robe?

I love this brand and this body polish is next on my list to try. I think it would be the perfect gift, anyone tried it? 

A gift for the new mommy! I am in search of the perfect backpack diaper bag so if you have any recommendations let me know!


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  1. Thank you for the Mother’s Day inspiration!!

  2. These are all such great ideas! I love a good comfy robe and I know my mom would too!

  3. Stephanie A says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too!! Love these gifts!!