A Summer Uniform That Isn’t Boring

Jun 12, 2017

maternity fashion


Shorts: ASOS – Size up! Non Maternity Version | Tank: Ingrid & Isabel (c/o) Non Maternity VersionShoes: Jack Purcell – I’ve also been living in my Birkenstocks and love this super affordable style they just came out with too! | Bag: Shopbop – mini version! | Lips: NARS in Audacious | Sunglasses: Le Specshere (c/o) – available too!



Is it just me or does everyone have a summer uniform they always turn to? As soon as the heat rolls around I have trouble reaching for more than the same three items. Denim shorts, a stripe tank and flats. As basic as it sounds, I love it. Before giving birth and now after, I have stuck to my tried and true formula because it never seems to fail me. 

As my body readjusts and gets back to where it used to be (that happens, right?!) I’m sure I will swap in some swing tops and a few eyelet numbers. Whenever I think about switching out pieces or adding a new item to my wardrobe I always consider how it can fit into my current capsule wardrobe. Is the silhouette classic? Will the color pop and can I use it with multiple bottoms? If you run through your own important questions in your head while you’re out shopping, you are sure to not make rash purchases that you may only use once or twice. 

I’ve been living in the combination lately and rounded up some of my favorite basics for you guys too! In case you are on the hunt for maternity shorts, I found the best options on ASOS. Every other place I looked had serious ‘mom’ shorts. I’m not quite ready to give up a good worn in denim with frayed stitching so ASOS was a lifesaver. They all have great stretch to them and I wore my white pair constantly while we were in Arizona! I would reccomend sizing up in those and my favorite One Teaspoon shorts for my non pregnant girls. I love the oversized look especially when it comes to shorts and I think they’re most flattering that way. 


Favorite Summer Denim:


As far as flats, Birkenstocks became my lifesavers towards the end of pregnancy. Trevor actually remembered that they were adjustable and dragged them out of my closet and loosened those buckles up for me! I knew I kept him around for good reason. I love them as a summer shoe and am thinking of investing in the thong sandal this year. 


Favorite Summer Flats:


What staples do you guys always turn to and how do you make it exciting? 


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