lyfe kitchen.

May 29, 2015

edamame hummus

veggie salad

flavored water

flatbread pizza

fried chicken

sweet potato fries


isn’t coming back to work after a long weekend the worst? i feel like i should be extra refreshed because i had an extra day off but instead i just feel tired and like this week will never end. thank goodness it’s friday!

these visual memories may get me through today and i’m excited to start sharing some local eats with you guys. if you follow me on instagram you know i post as often about food as i do fashion. to be honest i love photography and love photographing food more than anything. it wasn’t my original intention when starting this blog but i’m happy to share some of this with you too.

last week i stopped into Lyfe Kitchen in Streeterville for a delicious dinner. i don’t live downtown so it’s not a place i had ever been but i’m happy to say a new location should be opening up shortly in lincoln park and i will be a frequent visitor.

so here’s the deal: everything on the menu is under 600 calories, tons of gluten free & vegan options, & all organic. i mean what could be better for the hunt for my abs? hearing all of that i expected some bland and disguised food. i always find a lot of ‘healthy’ spots add a lot of fat and oil to dishes to make them tasty but this was not the case. the highlights were the roasted vegetable salad, edamame hummus, & the unfried fried chicken. i literally felt awkward but i ate almost the whole chicken before anyone else had a chance to try it. the next time i crave popeye’s i’ll be doing this instead (it’s much easier to run off) i’ve also been trying to limit cocktails during the week so was happy to sample their waters & the orange ginger chia was divine!

let me know your favorites on the menu & how you like seeing inside chicago eateries here!


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  1. I LOVE Lyfe Kitchen! I spent about 8 months in Chicago for work last year and went there at least twice a week. And I was so excited to hear that there’s one in Evanston because I’m moving there this fall! I’ll be following you for more tips on the Chicago area!

    xo, Lisa / /Strum Simmer Sip