Life Lately VIII

Aug 19, 2016

Happy Friday y’all! How was your week? Just a few more hours till we are free! It has been a crazy week over here with work and getting back into my blogging schedule. Thanks for being so supportive and patient last week when I was taking that tiny break. I feel reset and enjoyed such a fun week and past couple weekends.

new orleans coffee


TGIF: I’m excited for 5pm tonight! I am heading down to Ann Taylor on Michigan Ave for a fun event my friend Blair is hosting (there’s 40% off so come by!) and then headed to Bernie’s for dinner for my girlfriend Anar’s birthday! It will be so nice to see so many girlfriends in one night! 


Olympic Fever: Anyone else obsessed with watching the Olympics? I just can’t stop crying hearing all the athletes stories, watching their parents and literally wondering how they do it. It’s so inspiring!


Movie Marathon’s: As someone who doesn’t love going to the movie theater I sure have seen a lot lately. The Bourne movie was awesome and Bad Moms was far funnier than I had imagined – I  totally recommend it!


Lush Addicted: I finally finished my first Lush Full Grace serum bar and I am totally hooked. This serum bar is so affordable and I just rub it on after I wash my face at night and it works wonders. At only $16 I just don’t think I’ve ever found anything so good!


Stranger Things: Trevor and I started the new series after my brother & sister in law recommended it and we loved it! There aren’t a ton of episodes so it’s totally manageable and although I have heard people say it’s ‘scary’ it’s more Sci Fi than anything so I wouldn’t really categorize it as scary to watch. You should totally check it out this weekend if you haven’t! 


Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead and let me know if you grab the Lush Full Grace Serum bar!


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  1. JR says:

    Stranger Things is haunting me. You are the third recommendation in a week. Once I get through my Mr. Robot binge I am on it!

  2. Jenn Lake says:

    I have been hearing people mention Stranger Things for weeks – so glad to hear you like it! Definitely adding it to the list! Happy Friday!

  3. Jess Zimlich says:

    Bad Moms was hilarious! Annnnd I’m intrigued by this serum bar you speak of. Hope you had a great weekend!

  4. YASSSSSS Stranger Things!!!!! Also, I want Simone Biles to be my BFF.

    Kelly | Kelly in the City