A Move Update

Jul 5, 2018

loft linen pants

Top: Loft – TTS! Do you guys remember these from high school? Maybe I am dating myself but I loved these tops then and even more now 🙂 | Pants: Loft – I would size down if you run in between! Linen joggers are my new summer pant and I just bought these too! | Sandals: Everlane – size up 1/2 size! | Handbag: Cuyana – love this one too! | Sunglasses: Loft – love these tortoise ones too! | Lips: Bare Minerals


Morning guys! 

Gosh, I can’t believe Fourth of July has already come and gone. What did you guys do? It’s so insanely hot here so I ended up taking Zain over to my friend Emily’s parents for the morning. We have been friends since childhood and I was so excited when she texted me that they would be in  town visiting this week. Emily, Catherine and myself have all been friends since 1st grade so now to sit back and watch our boys play in a pool kind of blows my mind. I’m so thankful for their friendship!

In other news, I thought I would share a little moving update with you guys today! We aren’t in our house yet as I mentioned earlier in the week but it is now ours 🙂 We actually got a chance to meet and get to know the people who lived there previously and they are such a wonderful family. They are moving back to Atlanta due to a job transfer and hearing how much they loved the home and the area just made us more confident in our purchase. Their kids actually attend the same school I did and they were not going to be done with camp till this past week so they actually leased the house back from us. Trevor and I did feel a little sad though because as the dad walked us around and kindly shared some details about the house with us his younger son followed and looked so heartbroken 🙁 We exchanged information and told them to come back and visit anytime!

After we got in there on Saturday (home video tour coming soon!) I tried to finalize paint colors with Kari and meet with some flooring people. The second floor hasn’t had fresh floors in a while (although the rest of the house has) and the master bedroom is the only room in the whole house with carpet. So, we decided to rip that up and refinish those floors and paint before we get our stuff in. I figured if we don’t do it now we probably won’t ever!

So, fingers crossed we get everything done in a timely manner and can get scheduled to move right in. In the meantime, we will be soaking up my parent’s being home in the evenings once Zain goes to bed giving us the freedom to go out to dinner or run errands! 

The thought of moving back had initially given us such mixed feelings since it had been so long since we lived in Louisville and were also so in love with our life and friends in Chicago. However, I must say I feel such a sense of calm here. Everything is easier, the people are so kind and I seem to have more time to myself therefore making me a much better mom to Zain. Having family close by even though my parent’s are gone to work all day just gives me some peace of mind and I feel so much less stressed. We can’t wait to get into our house and show you all around but I am happy that this feels like the right decision. 

Thank you all so much for all your thoughts and well wishes along the way and I am so excited to make new memories and show you all around a new city! 


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