How We Packed For Our Move

Jul 2, 2018

how to pack for a move

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How is everyone’s week been going so far? I can’t believe 4th of July is already tomorrow and although I’m sad Trevor is still gone I am excited to take Zain on a playdate! I have been receiving a ton of questions on how we packed and prepared for our move so I thought I would share just a few things I think helped us along the way and see if you all had any other questions. 


Start Early 

This is really my biggest piece of advice! Although I dreaded packing I had told myself I would start early since my parent’s were going to be in town about a month before our move. They came up on the Friday before we went to Lake Geneva for our family vacation and we knew it was now or never.

Since packing with a child running around can be quite challenging it was the perfect time to get things done while he was occupied. We then continued to pack little by little almost every night following. You can definitely ‘make a plan’ but keep it loose because that may stress you out even more. I think it’s more important to have ample time! That way you only need to get through a few cabinets or closet a night making it infinitely less stressful.


Start Big 

Although the kitchen is always the most dreaded room, I knew we needed to start there first. Again, I felt as though once we had that tackled it would take a hug pressure off of us and everything would seem a little less strenuous. I will say that we packed the kitchen in segments. Even in our tiny city apartment kitchens can accumulate stuff so quickly. I chose to only leave out a few things we used regularly and got everything else packed away.


Clean Things Out & Then Do It Again

I would go through several stages of purging when cleaning out each space. I felt like I almost went through three rounds with each area before I felt like I had really dwindled things down to what we actually needed. Pantries and closets tend to hold a lot of things that you never use or need and moving is the perfect time to get rid of those things!


Pack Smart

Although it seems annoying to spend money on boxes and packing equipment, it is well worth it! You don’t want to have any disasters on moving day and keeping everything similar together and labeling your boxes on the top and sides will prove to be a gigantic help.

We pack all of our clothes on their hangers so when we unpack we can just pull them out and hang them up. If your movers have wardrobe boxes that is great and if not I would totally recommend getting some. We also purchased TV boxes from Home Depot for all of our big TV’s and mattress bags to prevent any wear and tear. That stuff along with the usual tissue paper and bubble wrap just makes everything smoother. 

Another thing I wish I had done was swing by a local liquor store and see if they had any wine cases/boxes they were getting rid of. That would have been really nice for our glasses and we couldn’t find anything like that at Home Depot. 


Let me know what tips you all swear by and enjoy your Tuesday! 



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